Monday, March 22, 2010

Dare #25

Have you ever felt like life was passing you by? That is seems that everything is going too fast. Winters fly by and the next thing you know you're getting ready for bikini time yet again. Do you have all these great ideas of things you want to do in your head but you never get to execute half of them? Well this is my inspiration for this week's dare.

Dare #25

Make a list of 101 things you want to do in 1001 days. (I used

Here is my list:

1. Build a snowman
2. See a drive-in movie
3. Run a marathon
4. Get married
5. Go on a road trip
6. Go on a shopping spree
7. Host a dinner party
8. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
9. Take a cake decorating class
10. Make my own ice cream
11. Create a new list after 1001 days once this one is done.
12. Give blood
13. Go skiing
14. Donate hair to Locks of Love
15. Fly in a hot air balloon
16. Make a new friend
17. Visit New York
18. See the Grand Canyon
19. Catch a fish
20. Meet someone famous
21. Go camping for a weekend
22. Floss every day for a month
23. Have a movie marathon
24. See Niagara Falls
25. Make my own jam
26. Go to a movie by myself
27. Swim with a dolphin
28. Get a facial
29. Release a message in a bottle
30. Take piano lessons
31. Win a poker game
32. Build something out of wood
33. Be in a parade
34.Organize all my recipes
35. Do a wine tasting
36. Start composting
37. Build a sand castle
38. Make a quilt
39. Shoot a gun
40. Make a speech
41. Visit Vegas
42. Have a slumber party
43. Grow a garden and eat something from it
44. Curl on a team
45. Sing on stage
46. Be happy with my weight
47. Dance with my Dad
48. Can my own tomatoes (sauce and salsa)
49. Build my own Library
50. Re-do bathroom upstairs
51. Be in the audience of a talk show
52. Get professional picture done
53. Take Ryan to Disney
54. Pay off D loan
55. Buy fresh butchered meat
56. Have a pool party
57. Go to Washington with Dad
58. Meet the Primer Minister
59. Lay in bed for one whole day
60. Start a new journal
61. Organize a craft area just for me
62. Move the laundry room downstairs
63. Finish renovating the basement
64. Have my house on the Christmas house tour
65. Re-do walk way with interlock
66. Plant a tree
67. Try yoga
68. Get Pedometer
69. After pedometer do an average of 10k steps a day for 1 week
70. Go a whole week without eating meat
71. Make and use cloth napkins
72. Make my own Christmas cards
73. Get electrical work finished in the upstairs of the house
74. Pick up litter on 5th concession
75. Throw a penny into a wishing well and make a wish
76 .Do a sponsored walk for charity
77. Get something judged at the shawville fair
78. Grow a giant pumpkin
79. Make a homemade baby shower gift
80. Have a "girls day" with my niece Faith
81. Visit eastern Canada (PEI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick)
82.Be in the murder mystery
83. Make homemade soup from scratch
84. Print out digital pictures and make photo albums
85. Save for/buy a safe
86. Host a super bowl party
87.Spend a whole day at a beach
88. Buy myself a nice piece of jewelry
89.Get a set of pearls
90. Try driving a tractor trailer
91. Have emergency fund of at least 2 months pay
92.Let Ryan organize a weekend vacation (every detail!!)
93. Visit Hershey Pennsylvania
94. Go church every Sunday for at least a month
95. Go to a hockey game in Toronto
96. Learn how to make Ryan's Aunt Lynn's sticky buns
97. Watch a thunder and lightning storm
98. Win a bingo game
99. Surprise someone with a random, generous gift
100. Go down south with a group of friends
101. Donate $5 for each goal I don't complete

Good luck with making your list. It will take some time. Put some ambitious things on there that you would like to see happen. Either way think ahead to things you want to see in the next 1001 days of your life. Let me know what your list is!

Have a great week!



  1. i tried to make a list and well i got about 50 things so far...most are from your list too! I have lots of things I want to do:
    Top 10:
    1- Buy a house
    2- Take Maddy to Disney
    3- Go down south with friends
    4- Knit a scarf
    5- Find my "secret" dish (that everyone wants at Potlucks)
    6- Plant flowers
    7- Paint my living room
    8- Organize all of Maddy's baby clothes
    9- Go shopping in Syracuse at the Carousel Mall
    10- Visit Nashville

  2. Thats a great list!! Did you do one on the website that I posted (dayzeroproject)? I found it hard to do too. I made my list over 2 days. As I thought of stuff I would post it. Let me know what other ones you come up with :-)