Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Faith!

Dear Faith,

Today is your first birthday. I can't believe that it has been a year ago today that we heard the wonderful news that you were born. You took your time in coming into this world. I think everybody was wondering if you were ever going to arrive.

You were the first baby in both sides of the family and everybody was so excited to meet you, especially your Auntie! I even guessed your name when everyone was keeping it a secret.

You were such a happy baby, even from the beginning. You didn't like to sleep much but that's o.k because Auntie knows you don't want to close your eyes in case you miss anything!

Today, you are trying to take your first steps and making more and more noise. You are a little ball of energy! You love books, bears and anything that makes lots of noise!

Faith, you have been lighting up all of our lives ever since you were born. We are all so blessed to have such a special little girl in our family. When you are around everything in the world seems o.k. Your smile can make the saddest person happy again. I thank the Lord everyday for blessing us with such a joy (you).

Happy 1st Birthday Faith!

Love Auntie Linds



  1. Give her a big hug and squeeze from her cousins...I really should go and vist them - i think Maddy would have a ball with her, or other way around. Hope the birthday festivities are fun this weekend and she gets spoiled...we all know she will be!
    Happy Birthday Faith!

  2. Being an auntie is the BEST! This reminds me of the letter I wrote to Caden on his 1st birthday and put in the back of the scrapbook I made for him. (Poor Danica...haven't even started her book yet...eek!)
    Hope Faith had a great birthday! I know I sure love seeing her over in the office - she definitely brightens up the room when she arrives! :)

  3. Hey Ladies!

    The festivities were awesome! Their were 13 kids there under the age of 7. Pretty wild...who says the population is going down? ha ha. Stacy, I think Maddy and Faith would have an awesome time together. The last year has gone by way too fast. I can't believe it!