Monday, April 19, 2010

Dare #28

Welcome back to the work week yet again. Although, for me it feels like the weekend hasn't started. When I work on Saturday sometimes I wonder if I even had a weekend. Either way, I'm gearing up for a busy week at work, soon we'll be harvesting sod!

Here is your dare this week:

Dare #28

Treat yourself and buy a fresh bouquet of flowers and then put it on your table. Make sure it is colorful and flowers that you like. Then, sit back and enjoy them and think of the summer to come!

Have a great week!


1 comment:

  1. i could do this one i suppose! There is a little flower shop near my work and I like just getting a little bouquet and giving it to my mom or my daycare provider - just for - no special occasion. Maybe I can get myself one instead! I am pretty sure I will be getting some on Wednesday as it is Administrative Professionals Day...last year I got a nice orchid that didn't do so well in the work/building atmosphere! Gerber Daisies are my fave!