Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Romance on a budget!

This past weekend Ryan had a challenge. That challenge was to plan a romantic activity for us that was under $20.00. We had completed this early in the winter when we went skating on the canal. It is now a competition on who can plan the best activity for under $20.00.

Here is what he came up with.....

Ryan went a planned a picnic lunch for us. He went and did all the grocery shopping and cooking himself. He packed it all up in a picnic backpack that he borrowed from my brother.

Ryan with our picnic

Then he drove us out to the Luskville NCC trail that takes you up the Mountain beside a waterfall and then looks out at the top to all of the Pontiac.

Infront of the falls.

The view.

And the food was just as good as the view! We had chicken Caesar salad wraps with real bacon, cheese and crackers, carrots and dip, wine and for dessert.......

Strawberries dipped in chocolate, yum!

He did really well and it was very romantic. We got out to enjoy the fresh air, good food, beautiful view of the Pontiac and of course each other's company. The bonus was that it was so inexpensive, romance for under $20.00!



  1. aww how sweet - i want to go up to the falls sometime, haven't been there since i was like 7. Good work Ryan!

  2. Oh my goodness, how cute is that?!? Good job Ryan!

  3. ha ha! Thanks ladies I'll let Ryan know that you gals thought it was sweet! It was a real treat getting pampered!

  4. Looks like a Wonderful getaway! Especially, those chocolate covered strawberries *yummy*