Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Making The Old New...

Have I mentioned before how that I have an awful habit of being cheap, stingy, frugal? Well I do. There are some things in life I am not willing to spend money on! Example; coffee from Tim Hortons (it's the Canadian version of Dunkin' Donuts for my American readers). Why pay for coffee when you can get a cup of hot water for free? I can almost hear Jill laughing at me from across the office......

O.K, O.K that might be a bad example but it does show you how cheap I can really be. And no, it is not a joke, I actually do this (bowing my head in shame). There are things I am willing to spend money on....friends, family, food and quality furniture that is going to last me my whole life.

Which brings me to a project that I wanted to get accomplished before our pool party 2 weeks ago.

I had this forest green wicker furniture that my parents left at the house for me or in other words, they didn't want anymore. It was still in great shape to sit on but it went from a nice shade of dark green to ugly, peeling, warn green.

I was so sick of looking at it and even more sick of standing up and whipping paint chips off my butt!

One week I saw that exterior spray paint was on sale at a hardware store and if you were around in that moment you could actually see the light bulb above my head.

I went out and picked up 5 cans of white exterior spray paint. Ryan and I sprayed those chairs and matching table until we were high with fumes (but that is an entirely different post, ha!). Let me tell you, it was NOT an easy task! My index finger was soooo sore from holding the button for so long! It was all worth it though. The furniture went from this:

And this...

To this.....

Drum roll please......

I just love it! It looks so "cottagey" and relaxing. Those cushions my mom bought years ago and never used. I found them when looking through all the stuff that was left at the house.

I looked online to find how much a rocker chair in wicker would be and it was $199.00 for one chair!! Ya, my mouth is hanging open in shock too! Instead I spent $5.49 on spray paint or $27.45! Much better! Eventually the chairs will break and I will have to invest in another set but for now spray paint works for me!



  1. That looks really good! I've always wanted to do a project like that. Hopefully, I'll be able to one day.

  2. i didn't even notice those chairs were the old green ones...good job Linds! I often think I would like to get some paint and re-paint my deck and make it pretty but Ricky uses it as a garage and is full of lawn mowers (yes plural) and gas cans (again, plural) mixed with Maddy's bikes, and toys - probably not a good combination of gas and fumes where Maddy plays but oh well. We have been told that they are re-building our deck but that is a whole different story. I hear you on the whole "not wanting to spend money" - i want to re-decorate my house and start to make it homey (finally got curtains after 5 years) and I want to put some color on my walls, but too cheap to buy paint and more lazy to find time to do it!