Monday, June 28, 2010

Dare #38

Welcome back to the work week! If you are a Canadian you are looking forward to this week, especially Thursday which is Canada day! Woo hoo! Parade, fireworks and Canadian pride, I don't know what else is better.

Dare #38

Have a barbecue supper one day this week.

Well I sure had an action packed weekend, how about you?

Friday night I came home from work and got right down to business. I made supper and helped Ryan tape the basement before heading out to a book club meeting.

Too much taping!

We covered Twlight this time and out of the 3 past book club meetings this was the one that we had the most to talk about. We actually talked about the book for 2 hours straight! It made me look forward to Eclipse coming out this week! Ahhh Yay!

Saturday I woke up early (stupid sleep schedule) and got started on making squares for the the surprise birthday party that night. I made nanimo, white chocolate raspberry and lemon squares. At 11 I headed over to Stacy's where she was hosting a baby shower for Hollie! Hollie is expecting twin girls very shorty, how exciting is that? The bad news, this is the award I received because my gift was the seventh one opened.....

So, not going to happen soon and from the look of the 3 other pregnant ladies in that room I am definitely not the next one! ha ha!

Stacy did such a great job hosting...fabulous food, great visiting and look at the adorable favors she made for everyone!

I finally got to give Hollie her baby blankets that I had made for her but more details and picture on that later this week.

Saturday afternoon/night was Ryan's Uncle Charles surprise 40th birthday party.

Ryan's mom and Aunt's did an great job organizing the party. There was such a great turn out and a bunch of our friends were there so we got to sit and visit!

Shower food in the morning and party food that evening, so yummy but I don't want to look at the scale today!

Sunday I spent the day finishing the last coat of paint. I am so sick of painting but the room looks awesome and it was well worth all the work. I can't wait to see the cupboards on Tuesday.

I hope you all have a great week!



  1. Thanks for coming to the shower Lindsay! It was a great turnout and Hollie was very happy with the gifts...I loved your blankets...they were really nice! As for my ovens - I'm glad you liked them, I thought they were a pretty neat idea! I will say that I am glad it's over with, I have been planning and doing things for this shower for like months!
    As for your dare, well I can't bbq cuz i dont own one, the reason for that is because Ricky does not like barbequing...geez! Someday I will buy one though!
    I am glad that i did not attend book club, i wouldnt have had time anyways because I was swamped getting ready for the shower, but being it was a Twilight meeting, ya, not jumping on that band wagon - sorry ladies! It will always remain a mystery to me cuz for as long as I live, I will not pick up one of those books or even watch the movie! Hahaha!

  2. haha! The tape picture is so something I would do! That's great! I'm like you, very sick and tired of painting. That's all I've done for 2 weekends straight.

  3. Looks like such a fun weekend!

  4. haha that little bun in the oven is so cute!

  5. Stacy, You should come to the community BBQ tomorrow! Then you can say you fulfilled the dare! Yes you would of really hated book club last week, ha ha!

    Nicole, painting sucks and I am so sick of it but still much more to do! Too many paint fumes :-)

    Whitney, the weekend was great

    Ens, my cousin who hosted the shower made them all herself and the cinnamon bun inside was yummy too!