Thursday, June 24, 2010

Phew....What a week!

Is it just me or does it feel as though this week has dragged on? Maybe it's been the yucky, rainy weather or maybe it has been my lack of sleep that has made the days drag on. Either way I am glad that it is Friday and my weekend is almost here!

There have been a few highlights this week. One in particular not so fun!

You see, on Wednesday when I was minding my own business at my desk at the farm I turned around to look out the window and comment on the crazy truck driver that was obviously driving, WAY to fast. Then the realization came to me like a ton of bricks. There was no truck. Why was the office suddenly shaking and swaying? Butterflies started to flutter in my stomach when I realized it was an earthquake. Quickly, taking note of the direction of my other co-workers, Claire and Jill, I headed for the door but not before stopping in the door frame for protection. What seemed like hours was only 20-30 seconds. Jill and I were facing each other in the frame and I can remember staring into her eyes in silence both of us full of fear. Things calmed down but for the rest of the afternoon I was still a little shook up. I kept checking news websites looking for answers and finally one was found. A strong earthquake centered in Val-Des-Bois Quebec hit at 1:41 PM measuring in at 5.0 on the Ritcher scale.

Bridge in Val-Des-Bois after earthquake

As I always say, I am so lucky to live and work where I do. I could not imagine being in a high rise building or in a big crowd in a moment when disaster strikes. While my small town, innocent mind thought it was a truck other's in downtown Ottawa had first thoughts of a terrorist attack. When I went home that afternoon picture frames had fallen off of shelves and one wall of the old part of my house had a crack (which was a weak wall to begin with) in the drywall. I couldn't imagine living in an area where earthquakes are a regular occurrence and it has brought reality to what the people of Haiti might have experienced. It will be a story that will be told over and over again.

The crack in my dining room wall

On a happier note, that evening I got to go out for supper with these lovely ladies. (Jill on the left, Rebekka in the middle and me) We got to have a great meal while chatting and reminiscing about old memories and new things happening.

At The Ranch in Guelph

Other then that my mind is set on one thing, PAINT

Paint, paint, and more paint. Ryan and I will be spending all of our free time painting the basement to try to finally get it finished! The bar cupboards come on Tuesday next week, yay!

I hope you have a great weekend!



  1. "when disaster strikes". That wasn't a disaster. It was also nothing like what happened in Haiti.

  2. I was saying if I was downtown or in a crowded area when disaster stikes because it would be chaos. I wasn't saying this was disaster but if it ever did I would be glad to be in my small town rather than in a busy city. I have never experienced an earthquake before Wednesday and I now I can imagine the fear the people of Haiti felt.

  3. **and now I can imagine the fear the people of Haiti felt.

  4. totally agree with you Linds - I feel for people around the world that experience earthquakes more often than we do...definetly a scary experience!

  5. Yes, when you have never felt one before you don't know what to expect. A whole new respect for other people around the world when I hear about earthquakes.xo

  6. OMG an earthquake. That's super scary. There was one in LA a couple months ago and one of my co-workers was there for work. She said it hit at 4am and she was shaking around the bed kind of like a phone on vibrate would around the desk. There is a fault line here in Missouri but it's on the other side of the state. I'm scared it'll go one of these days :(. I'm glad you guys are ok and that bride :(

    Thanks for coming by my blog. Yours is great too! I became a follower yesterday!!

    Have fun painting, I'll be laying carpet and putting together bed frames this weekend :)

  7. I'm an hour outside Toronto right now and I didn't feel it! But everyone around me did...I totally wish I did.

  8. I couldn't imagine being in an earthquake. We never have earthquakes where I live. We had one about two hours away, but that was two years ago. That's the only one I know of.

    When I was in college, there was a girl I knew and she was from Guelph.

  9. Bree, I heard on the radio it had reached as far as Toronto. Crazy considering that is about a 5 hours distance. xo

    Whitney, I had never experienced on either and hope to never again, ha ha! I went to University in Guelph but I am back home now on the family farm in a little town in Quebec but 1 hour away from Ottawa.

  10. I was in the "busy" chaos...... at all.

  11. Anonymous, as I would imagine it would not have been chaos this past Wednesday, being that this earthquake was not a disaster. As I have said before IF I was to be in a busy city during a disaster it would be chaotic and that is why I am thankful to live and work in my small town.