Wednesday, June 9, 2010

'Tis the season of LURVE (AKA LOVE)

You know what I love about summer besides the parties, warm sun, and relaxing long weekends? THE WEDDINGS! Yes I am one of those girls. This year in particular Ryan and I are invited to a total of 6 weddings. While Ryan is rolling his eyes and cringing at the thought of putting on a tie I'm jumping with joy!!

I love weddings!

One of the things I love most about a wedding is getting ready for it! Thinking about and planning what I am going to wear (dress, shoes, bag, jewelry and hair!). Once all of that is picked out the day of routine is pretty extensive. I am not a hardcore "girly girl" because I don't have the chance to be. I can't do my nails because they would just get broken while handling fertilizer bags. I throw on my uniform, tie up my work boots (which actually takes the longest of everything), slap on some deodorant and run a brush through my hair. That is my typical morning routine and takes about 10 minutes for me to get out of bed and to my desk. HOWEVER, when it comes to a wedding I like to get "dolled up".

Here is how a morning would go before a wedding;
-Nails (fingers and toes)
-Bath or shower
-Shaving legs
-Facial mask
-Nice smelling body lotion all over
-Get dressed

As you can see, much more extensive then my every day but afterwards I feel pretty/girly which is a nice change from my everyday slobbish appearance.

Me and my date all dressed up!

Another thing that I love about weddings is being able to be nosey! I love to see what the bridesmaids dresses look like, the flowers, the bride, the groom, the decorations, etc. It is all great and I take in every detail. When the wedding is over Ryan and I would be driving home I'll begin to say things like, "Oh, weren't the few orchids in the bouquets gorgeous?" and I'll just get a funny look from beside me like I am crazy. But I know a bride spends lots of time picking out these special details and I like to pay close attention to them.

Beautiful cake table at a wedding from last year.

The food. I have this awful love/hate relationship with food. I love food and especially food that was prepared for me! However, my waistline hates food. But at a wedding you can splurge on your delicious meal and dessert! But it's not over there! Then there is a midnight lunch and sometimes cake! Ahh....yummy food overload!

As corny as it sounds the best part of a wedding is the emotion that it has. It is so full love and happiness that you can't help but be happy as well. I love the look on the grooms face, the brides face and the brides father's face during that ceremonial walk down the aisle. I love the speeches that get told at the reception where people get to express their love for the couple. I love the first dance and the look in the newlyweds eyes as they look at each other!

A moment caught between the bride and groom from a wedding last year.


This past weekend was the first wedding of the 6 that we were invited to. It was a great wedding and I can't wait for the other 5! I just love wedding season!

Do you like weddings?



  1. i do love weddings and mostly for the dolling up too! I have no weddings this year, well a couple of receptions...i guess the next big wedding would be yours, Jill's or my brother or sister...NOT ME! LOL
    i used to think i wanted to be a wedding planner...just cuz i love all the wedding details and stuff...oh well maybe someday I will be able to make a wedding cake for someone seeing how I took that step instead!

  2. Oh, I wish I was getting married...