Tuesday, June 15, 2010

101 things in 1001 days update!

Back on March 22 (umm...wow doesn't that feel like just yesterday!) I did my usual dare. This post was dare #25 and I wanted it to be a really good one. I had heard on the radio about people doing "101 things in 1001 days" and I thought that I should make some long and short term goals for myself. My biggest challenge was actually thinking of 101 things to do! I wanted them to be reachable goals but still have some that would challenge me. Finally, about a week of editing the list I was able to share it with all my blog friends!

That was almost 3 months ago (wow again) and I have completed a few things on my list! Which, P.S I'm kind of proud of that fact because a lot of the time I come up with these genius plans in my head and they never happen! But anyhoo, like I said I have actually completed a few things on my list.

#56- Have a pool party

This one I just completed last weekend and it was a blast! It was a lot of time and work but it was all worth it to have most of our friends in one place at one time. Ryan and I feel so guilty that we don't use our pool enough but seeing friends and their families using it makes us extremely happy. Like I said on Monday, can't wait till next year!

#73- Get electrical work finished in the upstairs of the house.

This one might seem odd to some people. Who cares about electrical and don't I already have lights upstairs? Well let me elaborate. 3 years ago when I decided I was going to renovate my old home stead I began with the upstairs. The house is divided in two sections. Section 1 that is the original house built in 1912 and the other section (section 2) that was an addition my parents built in the 70's (Disco anyone?). Section 2 was never fully completed because my parents ran out of money when building and when they did have the money it was never high on the priority list. So, it was never primed, painted, or proper trim. I wanted to bring back the originality of the old part of the house so I stripped paint off of wood and then bought trim that would match section 1's old wood work to second 2's. The only problem, history has a habit of repeating itself and I ran out of money to do the electrical (go figure eh?) That is why it was important to me to get it done. Do you know how many times I stuck my finger in that stupid open electrical box when turning on the light in the bathroom? What a shock! OUCH! I am glad it is finished and now I can say besides furniture the upstairs of the house is now completed. It's amazing what some simple white light switches will do to finish the look of a place!

#79- Make a homemade baby shower gift

Not only did I make 1 but I made 3 homemade baby shower gifts. I have recently learnt about my love of sewing. It is so relaxing to sit and watch t.v while completing a project. I would love to show you a picture of all the items that I have made but I want it to be a surprise! (Hi Hollie) I will share with you all on how to make this baby shower gift once I have already given it as a present.

As most of my readers will already know that I am still working on #22- Floss everyday for a month. I am half way there and still haven't missed a day yet. Which is actually a miracle considering how much I LOATHE flossing.

I feel this girls pain!

So, there you have it! Everything I have completed so far. There are more that I am working on but will share once I have completed them. I hope I don't give up but a lot of the time I lose motivation. I'll just have to stay determined, some how!



  1. hey thanks for posting - i'm adding you to my daily reads :) And i'm with you i HATE flossing!!!

  2. ha ha thanks! You are already on my daily reads! Loved your ring series!! I wish I have a story for you to post! ha ha