Friday, November 4, 2011



Dear November,

You are my new best friend! I even bought you a friendship necklace. Your half says best! I am so happy to see you here! You’re friend October is totally overrated, it is you, who is the star in my night sky! You bring hope to all little turf farmers like myself. This hope tells me, why yes, the end of the season is around the corner.

Love your (best) friend,

Sleepless in Sea….Quyon.


Dear Save-The-Date cards,

Can you please address your self. Enough said.


Blushing bride


Hello Holiday Spirit,

Where are you Christmas…..Why can’t I find you….Do you know that song? It’s from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. I’m looking for you. I’m hoping you are going to make a surprise appearance soon, Holiday Spirit! I’m getting the itch to decorate now that Halloween is over! Lights, baking, trees, wreaths, carols….oh my! I just can’t wait!

Kindest Regards,



Dear Ryan,

I know I roll my eyes when I open my camera only to find you have secretly taken a picture with it of yourself. However, I actually think it is really funny and it makes me smile!


Your future wife

Wedding 030


Dear Anyone Reading This,

I hope you have a wonderful and restful weekend!



P.S Happy Friday!



  1. Dear November!

    I ♥ you so much. Maybe more than I ♥ October, but it's very close. The chill in the air makes the days wonderful. I don't even mind the frosty windsheild. It's good preparation for our deep freeze winters. I ♥ that last November 14 I cut my grass! I plan on cutting my grass at some point this November before the snow flies. I haven't donned any type of coat yet because I want to experience the chill in the weather that you bring with you.

    Along with the cold, this year, you bring the release of Breaking Dawn Part I, which makes you that much more special in my eyes. As well as a myriad of social activities with friends and family that I look forward to.

    Lover of the cold weather and True Canadian ; )

  2. OMG!! I totally forgot the midnight Breaking Dawn premiere!! November is OFFICIALLY the best month EVER! Woo Hoo!

  3. Or at least of 2011 AND 2012 (Breaking Dawn Part II is coming out NOV 2012!)

  4. Super cute and um... Ryan... yeah... nice picture, I think. If you do a wedding slide show, you should throw this in for grins & giggles just to surprise him ha! :) j/k :) I think...