Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend Recap – Point Form


Good morning lovelies! It’s the “dreaded” Monday again! The weekend went by so quickly, let’s recap shall we?

- Ryan and were very sad when the T.V in our basement broke! Our newly renovation basement! Bah! The repair guy told us it would cost $600 to fix this 15 year old T.V. I don’t think so Mister! I think I’d rather put that money towards a new one! So, after scraping and saving for 3 months we got the money and bought our new T.V. It’s actually the same one as the living room T.V.!

Livingroom Reno 009

- To celebrate we went to Montana’s for supper! Spinach dip….yum….

- My house looks like a tornado blew through it! I still have all my Halloween/fall decorations up and it’s almost the middle of November! Yikes!

- The reason my house looks like a tornado ran through it is because of the upcoming craft sale at Onslow School in my small town! I am facing my fears and putting a table in the craft sale selling all of the items I love to make! My craft stuff is scattered everywhere but I am very proud of all the things I’ve made!

- My toes look very pretty inside of my work boots! You wouldn’t know it but inside these dirty work boots is beautiful red toes! On Saturday at the Escape day I got a pedicure! It was amazing and throughout the rest of the weekend I would take my socks off just to look at my pretty toes!

- I also got a facial at the Escape day! So, # 5 off the 101 list is done! It was my very first facial and I swear the BEST service I ever got at any escape day! Pretty face and pretty toes…great Saturday! :-)

- Sunday at Church Maddy had a tea party at the front! It was so cute! I loved her little tea set and I even got to sip on some delicious tea myself!

Maddy Tea Party

- Yesterday I met with Rebekka for brunch! It was so nice to visit over some yummy breakfast! Then, the evil girl she is, begged me to go to Jacob in Kanata (ok, maybe it was my suggestion). Upon arrival I went and spent way too much money on some awesome winter clothes! Every piece that I bought was on sale, that makes it better, right?

I bought this:

Jacob Blazer

And this (and about 4 other things)

Jacob Orange

- When I got home from lunch Ryan had brought his nephew Caleb for a visit! Love that kid! He helped Ryan power wash the house and had supper with us! Ryan loves having him over too so he has someone to play basketball with! My “B-BALL” skills are limited!

How was your weekend?



  1. Love the picture of maddy LOL
    Weekend was okay...loved escape day and have to say that the facial was FANTASTIC!!

  2. You can go shopping for me :). I swear my wardrobe never changes :(.

    And you should share your craftiness!