Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wedding Wednesday – Ceremony Music

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today feels like winter. I like the work break winter offers but I HATE being cold! So, today, with the snow, I’m hibernating near my heater.

What warms me up is thinking about the upcoming nuptials. So, today on Wedding Wednesday I’m going to share with you what Ryan and I decided to do for our ceremony music.

Now, I know normally, especially if you are getting married in a church, you get someone to play to organ or the piano. Being that my Dad plays the piano I’m sure that’s what some people assumed I would be doing.

After some thought I realized that the formal piano/organ didn’t reflect us and didn’t reflect our idea for our wedding. We knew we wanted something special for our music. I mean, I come from a very musical family and music is very important to me.

The piano/organ is something that we listen to when we are at church on Sundays. I love the piano. I have very fond memories of listening to my Dad practice every Sunday before church. But, I find the music that we listen to when we celebrate when family and friends get together looks something more like this…

MVT Golf Tournament 006

Rolly 292

Mothers Day weekend 007

And that’s what we wanted for the wedding ceremony.

We wanted the warm sound of a guitar and the smooth harmony of a fiddle. The two have the ability to have give you goose bumps during a slow tune and make you want to tap your foot to the beat of an up-tempo waltz.

Now, I don’t mean to brag or anything but there must be something in the air of our small town (or water. That’s a whole other post for another day, yuck!) of the Pontiac because we have some AMAZING musicians here.

It’s rare that you don’t go somewhere and no one has brought a musical instrument. A good time can be created anywhere.

Jenn and Nick 003

The music is classic bluegrass, Irish ditties, new and old country, classic rock/alternative, plus lots of original pieces like “Poncho”.

It’s music that my grandparents, parents, and our generation all know and sing along to.

It’s the sound of some of the greatest gatherings surrounded by friends and family.

There’s no other sound or music that represents us, our community, and our lives better then that of a small town jam session.

Summer time 017 

Now, we need to find the perfect people to help us. Stay tuned for that next week!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. I could practice up my recorder skills...I used to play a mean recorder (haha not really - I think I could do Twinkle Twinkle and O Come All Ye Faithful)