Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wedding Wednesday – Engagement Pictures


Happy Wednesday everyone! Today on Wedding Wednesday I have to warn you that this post is very photo heavy! I’d like to show you some of my favorite pictures from our engagement session! There are some that were on the website that I shared with you a couple of weekends ago but not all.

Of course I have to start with my favorite location in the bush behind our house. It’s my grandfathers old car that he placed in the bush because that’s what they did back then since there was no scrap yard! It made for awesome pictures!



Since our theme is “vintage” I began looking through the old farm house attic and found this old suitcase! It worked perfect for some of the pictures! It will definitely make an appearance as wedding decor! Julie also brought this BEAUTIFUL bouquet. While holding it for some shots with Ryan holding this suitcase (in front of the car) it made me have this feeling like we were already married and leaving for our honeymoon. It was a fun feeling.



There is also this fallen tree in the bush that was great to sit on!


After a change of outfit and location we moved to the Ottawa River where our water pump is location to draw water to irrigate our turf crop in the hot summer months.



There were so many frogs running around so I had to grab one!


Finally, our last location. The location that is one of the most sentimental. Our future home. The home that I grew up in. The home that Ryan will move into after we are married. The home that we will hopefully raise our family in one day.

First, a picnic in the backyard on my parents old quilt. Which was a wedding gift to them and has been passed down to me.





Then to the bench and under the big maple tree.



Finally, the last ones in the house! I know I always say “our” house. So, for clarity, it is technically my house until we get married because we don’t live together. BUT I always say our home because it will be and we have both worked very hard renovating it, together.



Last, but certainly not least, some with Tucker! Our little “furbaby”!


Thank you Julie, from Julie C Butler photography, again for taking our engagement pictures! You are so talented and these pictures will be cherished for the rest of my life! A fun reminder of the exciting time in our lives, anticipating our upcoming nuptials!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. LOVE the pictures! And the idea with the old car. My fiance is obsessed with cars, so this is a GREAT idea! Glad yours came out great. Ours were lost and we have to reshoot them. BOOO!

  2. So many nice pictures! Lovely!

  3. like I said before, there are some GREAT photos there! I think I'm a little jealous... I definitely will be if your wedding pictures turn out as fab as your engagement!

  4. I love your engagement photos. You guys are such a gorgeous couple. =)

  5. Love all the Pictures!! Can't wait to see the Wedding Pictures! Julie is an amazing photographer!!