Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It’s Here, It’s Really Here! Welcome To November!

Wow! It’s November! I can’t believe this day is here. You see, when things get tough in the summer with work you will usually find my brother or myself saying, “don’t worry, it’s almost November”. By wishing it is November we are saying that even though it is tough at that moment the quieter season is fast approaching! Now, it’s here!

Last night was Halloween! I have loved Halloween for the longest time! When I was a kid I would put together the treat bags for my parents! That’s how much I loved it! Now, I still love putting those treat bags together! I love picking out the type of candy for the kids!

Because I live in the boonies (and only get about 20 kids) I can go all out stuffing those paper bags with lots of goodies! This year was no exception! We had Kool Aid jammers, 3-4 different chocolates, mini Chips Ahoy, mini cheese and crackers, gum tape, and even little spider/skull rings! It was a blast to put them together and I love to see the smile on the kids faces as I place the treat in their bag! They know, the heavier bag must mean good treats!

Craft Night and Wedding Show 026

Another of my favorite traditions is carving the pumpkin! This was a tradition my parents and my brother and I have had forever! We would always do it together! Since Ryan and I have been together we have done a pumpkin together too. This year was no different except we had an extra helper, Ryan’s nephew, Caleb!

Pumpkin, hockey game weekend 006

Pumpkin, hockey game weekend 008

We all had fun picking a face and at the end our scary pumpkin was done!

Pumpkin, hockey game weekend 012

Pumpkin, hockey game weekend 017

Being that last night was Halloween I got home early so I could set up my kitchen for Trick or Treaters! Even though we live way back country we still manage to get 20 kids. I always anticipate getting those little witches and goblins, it’s so much fun! This year, like the last three years, my first trick or treater was Maddy!

Halloween 007

Then my brother and his wife came over with Faith and Clark! (Or Princess and Mexican!)

Halloween 009

Halloween 008

Then…it stopped. We had no more kids for almost an hour! I was getting a little nervous that we wouldn’t have anymore! So, I took a picture of Tucker in his costume instead! He was a little embarrassed! ha ha!

Halloween 005

But, without fear our regular visitors came dressed as, Count Dracula, a fire fighter, and a giant gorilla! The numbers however were down! We only had 10 kids this year and now I have WAY too much candy leftover!

Halloween is over now that today is the first day of November. I’ll pack away my pumpkins and scarecrows until next year. I’ll begin thinking about Christmas decorations and when I can put them out!

Although Halloween isn’t a favorite for most people I love it! I love the traditions that my parents started that I am continuing as I start my own family. It’s those traditions that made the occasion so special.

Happy November 1st!



  1. My numbers were up this year. We got 24. My mom is saying it's all because of the frankstain the front yard that we made with my pinic table.

  2. Maddy loved her special treats from ya! I am stealing the picture of her because I didn't get one!

  3. I thought we might get at least one trick-or-treat or 2 but we didn't... notta one :( so I read some of my A&P chapter :(