Friday, June 15, 2012

I’m Weird Because…


First off, hurray it’s Friday! This has been one crazy week and I am so happy the end is here. I am SO looking forward to this weekend. We have a special visitor staying with us this weekend and there is lots of fun activities planned!

I do want to give everyone fair warning before they start reading this. I consider all my readers friends. If some of these items that I am about to list turn you away from being one of these friends, I completely understand! ;)

Yesterday for work I happened to be on the road. I like those days that I am out of the office and visiting with clients. I get out and get to be social. The only problem with this is that most clients live an hours drive away from the office. I end up driving for quite sometime by myself with no one to talk to. Yesterday, while driving I couldn’t help but laugh at myself for something weird I had done. This got me thinking of all the weird quirks we all come to have. I thought I’d share some of mine with you today!

I’m weird because…I lick all the flavor off of the chips before eating them.

Yup! Any chip, any flavor. I MUST lick the flavor off of both sides before consuming the chip. My least favorite is Salt and Vinegar or BBQ. These two flavors cause my tongue to burn.

I’m weird because…I like to eat limes like I would eat an orange.

I hate lemons but give me a lime and I am a happy girl! I’ll peel it up like an orange and gobble it down. I find lemons so sour but limes are delicious!

I’m weird because…my taste in music is very random! The songs that go through my shuffle on long drives is amusing…here’s an example:

amish paradise

One less lonely girl

Big Green Tractor

I’m weird because…I know ALL the words to this song and shimmy along to it.

Im a barbie girl

I’m weird because…I took pictures of these songs yesterday and sent them to the people that remind me of these songs. I was kind of lonely driving by myself.

I’m weird because…when everyone is talking about their choice as hottest celebrity this guy comes to my mind…


I just think Maury is SO sexy (in an “oldmanwithgoodhairlinegoingtodoDNAtest kind of way).

I’m weird because…I dip my Oreo's in peanut butter.

I’m weird because…I have to put condiments on my French fries the same way every time. It must go like this; salt, pepper, vinegar, ketchup, salt and pepper. If they don’t go on like that they don’t taste good.

I’m weird because…I love the smell of skunk. When driving by a dead skunk on the road and the smell starts to drift into the car I take a deep breath in!

What are some weird things about you?

Happy Friday!



  1. Who loves the smell of skunk? I can let the other one's slide... but skunk?!?! Haha

  2. I lick my chips too...and Piper has now started to do the same :D

    Yeah the smell of skunk is pretty weird but you aren't the first person I know that likes that smell.

  3. I do the chip thing too but mostly only with dill pickle and ketchup! I do the Oreo thing too except I take them apart and spread PB on the un-icing side and put it back together and eat it up! YUM!!! You'll LOVE my centerpieces at the wedding for sure...if I see one without limes in it, I'll know who ate them :)

  4. You are weird, but we love you anyways. ;)
    Thank you for sending me the Biebs yesterday, even if I couldn't open it!! I was all cranky yesterday morning when you sent it, but it made me smile to know you thought of me!!

  5. we are so related...i can relate to almost everything on your list except the oreos - i hate oreos!

    licking the chips - def, but it gives me cankers

    Maury IS sexy...better than Springer

    Barbie Girl - YES PLEASE...actually yesterday at the Family centre, i stopped myself from buying Meredith Brooks - Bitch song...just wanted to sing it!

  6. Lindsay love reading your blog and you are family so no getting rid of you *S* Life would be pretty boring if we were all the same so you just stay the way you are!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. OMG it's been forever since I've heard Amish Paradise! ha! I forgot about that song! And I sent you peanut Butter oreos :) Ok sorry I could do without nasty skunk smell but did you know that trappers get them for that smell sack because it is used (or anyway at one time was) for perfume?

    Oh don't even being to ask me why I'm weird ;)

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