Monday, June 25, 2012

Shannon & Casey – June 23, 2012


Happy Monday everyone! This weekend was so wonderful and revolved around one thing… The marriage of my cousin, Shannon to her beau, Casey.

As first cousins (our mom’s are sisters) who are also very close in age, Shannon and I grew up more like sisters. We did EVERYTHING together. Constant sleepovers, dress up, driving around the farm. Our summers were spent at each others houses. It was a great childhood and most of my most fondest memories has Shannon in them.


Shannon in the middle

To say that I was excited to watch her get married to the love of her life is an understatement!

It was a beautiful day on Saturday as everyone gathered at a park in Aylmer, Quebec. The groom was looking excited for the big moment when he would see his bride!


In entered the cutest little flower girl and the rest of the bridal party!


Finally, as Shannon made her way down the aisle with her Dad she was beaming. Absolutely glowing with happiness and love!


It was a quick and meaningful ceremony and finally the moment came where they kissed and were announced as husband and wife!


The rest of the afternoon was spent with the bridal party getting their pictures taken.



So, as pictures were being taken a bunch of us went out for a nice supper before heading over to the reception hall.

We had a great time that night dancing to the live band, having a couple drinks and visiting with our friends at the table!




It was a great day and night celebrating with the new happily married couple. The best part for me was getting to watch as Shannon marry her best friend! Ryan and I were so delighted to be there to celebrate with you! (Love you Shan!)


Wishing Shannon and Casey a lifetime of happiness together!


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  1. AWWW!!!! Thank you for that post!! It definitely got me a little choked up :) Love you xoxox