Friday, June 1, 2012

Loving Summer Life


Happy Friday everyone! It’s been one hectic week but it’s almost come to an end. I still feel like Ryan and I are getting back to reality. We are catching up with family and friends talking all things wedding and honeymoon! It’s been super fun going through details of the wedding from other peoples point of view.

Back in March, the snow had melted. Usually this means that in a couple weeks time we would get another dumping of snow. Except, Mother Nature wasn’t playing around and we had an early start to the summer. Unbelievably warm temperatures in April. Grass growing sooner then ever before. It did make for a beautiful and green May wedding but it makes this 1st of June feel like a second summer.

There are so many fun things that happen in the summer! In between a crazy busy work schedule Ryan and I try to squeeze in as many BBQ’s, sun and swims that we can!

The summer feel felt like it had kicked off when Jill and I took a random trip to Arnprior, Ontario for supper with one of my besties, Bekk! We hoped on that ferry (sure sign of summer) and had an amazing supper and ice cream outdoors afterwards!

Jill and Linds


As Jill and I were crossing the ferry I began to think of all the things I want and will be doing this summer! Jill kind of mentioned this on her blog yesterday and I thought it would be fun to share my list too!

- The beginning of the wedding season has begun! I have been so lucky to have such a beautiful day(s) and now I am excited to celebrate other people’s unions! Last night I attended a bridal shower and it was fun sitting back and watching the bride open all her gifts.

Vees shower

I am so looking forward to a couple of weddings that Ryan and I will be attending! I LOVE weddings!

- I am really wanted to take a road tour with my new hubby! I don’t even care where. I just want to be in a car going somewhere with music, food, map and Ryan!

- Being that Ryan and I already took our summer holidays in the Bahamas's we will have to fill our activities during the weekends. One of those weekends, Jill, Bekk, Ryan and I will be traveling by train to Toronto for a ball game, sightseeing and lots of fun! So looking forward to this trip! Just booked our train tickets yesterday!

train tickets

- Ryan and I will be hosting our annual pool party again this year. Although it won’t be held in June like normal we do want to have all of our friends over for some BBQ and swimming! We just hope the date works for most everyone!

Pool Party 2011 011

Scene from pool party last year!

- I have all intentions to eat a few s’more’s! Ryan and I were lucky to receive an outdoor fire pit as a wedding gift and I would really love to sit outside our place eating s’more’s!

- Be outside as much as possible! I have to admit, when it comes to having any free time in the summer I like to use it by being a hermit. I love to snuggle up with my spare time with a good movie or book indoors. This summer I want to make a conscious effort to relax outside. Take my book onto the porch. Sit by the pool. Go for more walks! I need to enjoy this weather while it lasts.

Flower Beds 010

One of my most favorite spots. Rocking in my chair on our porch!

-  Be a newlywed! Have random movie and supper dates, cook suppers together and pack up and leave when we feel like it. Have fun together!

- I’d love to go fishing at some point this summer. It is one of my most favorite activities! Ryan’s not a big fishing fan so I know he won’t be joining me but I would still like to go out fishing!

Cottage 035

- Watch the Canada Day fireworks in Quyon! Always a highlight of my summer!!

Canada Day 036

- Attend Shawville fair and watch the demolition derby! A must for every summer!

I know it’s going to be a whirl wind of activity for the next little while. Trying to jam in as many fun summer activities in as possible! That’s what summer is about! Getting out with friends and family while the weather is beautiful! Soaking up every bit of that sunlight and summer time!

What do you have planned for this summer?

Happy Friday!



  1. A) I think a fire pit is the coolest wedding present ever. B) So jealous you have a pool for a pool party. I mean, I want one, but I don't want to take care of it! Haha. So... not sure how that works!

  2. I've been so busy lately that I haven't had a lot of time to check out other blogs. I never got around to say Congrats on the wedding! It has been fun reading your posts this past year building up to the big day and I'm glad all went well. Enjoy the summer! You have a lot of great plans on the list and fishing is a must!

  3. Woohoo! I made in onto your blog! Thanks for coming - love you girl!

    PS - I will be relying on your for your wedding wisdom and advice ;)

  4. It's a damned good thing there's so much fun stuff to look forward to in the summer, because November now SUCKS!!! (kidding...sorta...haha ;))

  5. just came across you blog :) it's so awesome! I lovvve summertime too and am looking forward to going to Disney World later this month :D please come check out my blog some time!

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