Monday, September 24, 2012

Army Run 2012 Weekend!


Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had an amazing weekend!! On my weekend, I anticipated my upcoming 5 Km race for the Army Run.

I set a goal for myself in the spring, run a 5 Km race. A great friend of mine, Ryan, agreed to run with me in the Army Race in the fall. I had trained using the couch to 5k app all summer and finally race weekend was here!

On Friday afternoon, Ry and I drove downtown to pick up the race kits! It was neat seeing all the military equipment set up. Our race kits contained a running shirt and race bib with chip.

army run 6

While downtown we decided to grab some supper at The Heart & Crown.

army run 5

Saturday morning it was up with the birds because my internal clock won’t let me sleep in. Boo! I puttered around the house and did laundry.

In the early afternoon I hit the road and picked up Jilly for an impromptu dinner and movie! I had remembered I had a two for one pass that was about to expire and Jill agreed to come with me!  

army run 4

We went to see The Campaign. Although there were some funny parts I wouldn’t give it an A+ rating.

the campaign

We grabbed a quick bite to eat and then headed back across the ferry to home!

That evening I got all of my stuff set out for the next morning, race day! I had to try to calm my nerves. I was so nervous. It’s not that I was worried about running. I had been training for this all summer. What worried me the most? The crowd.

I’m not a very fearful person. One thing that causes me anxiety? Crowds. Specifically, crowds all going in one direction. I learnt of this fear many years ago on a weekend trip to Ikea. While the crowd was all heading in one direction around the store my breaths became short, my eyes blurry and my chest tight. I immediately ran away and bolted out of the store and haven’t been back since. Hockey games and concerts, while leaving, bothers me as well.

When my running buddy and I arrived at the race site early Sunday morning, I knew I was in trouble.

army run

The race began at a pretty slow pace as the crowds tried to spread out. I tried to keep my head down to avoid looking at the crowd in front of me.

Ryan said that 2 minutes in he could see my breaths become very short and shallow which seemed odd being how much I had trained.

I kept running, barely breathing from the anxiety but knowing the only way to get away from the crowd was to keep moving.

Right around the 4 Km mark a lady came out of the blue to try to pass me. I guess she miss stepped and then bumped into me. I completely lost it! Anxiety took over me full force and caused me to slow down. I was no longer breathing and shaking like a leaf. Trying my hardest not to make a scene. I kept moving but it was hard as I couldn’t calm my breathing. We kept moving and finally made it to the finish line where I just moved out of the crowds way to regain my composure.

I was very pleased to get my metal at last. I wasn’t too happy with my chip time of 34.32 minutes but I was happy that I didn’t stop and I did run the whole race.


Also, a BIG thank you to my running buddy, Ryan for joining me. The poor guy didn’t know ahead of time about my anxiety and I might have scared him a little!

army run 3

Thanks Schreiber for not leaving my side during the panic attack!

How was your weekend?



  1. Awesome!!!! Yeah I'm not much for big crowds either. We've started training for a 5K for next spring. Maybe a bit early, but whatever :). Maybe we'll find one before then. ha! I wish we had an army one around here to run, just cause Mark was in the Army. That'd be cool, but we're running the one at his work.

  2. Proud of you for continuing on, despite the panic attack!! Good stuff!!

  3. I am proud of you for managing your fear and soldiering on.Well done. Your mom contributed to the celebrations jar for your completing the run. Well done.