Friday, September 14, 2012

Grocery Savings Part 4 – Back Away From The Bulk


Happy Friday everyone! Wow! That felt like the longest week, ever! I don’t know what happened to fall but it seems like as soon as I turned my air conditioning off, summer re-appeared.

Today is week 4 for of my grocery savings posts. I’ve talk to you all about shopping only once a month, planning and making life easier. You know how I know it’s week 4? Because my fridge is empty as it’s time to do my monthly trip again! Woo Hoo! Something I’ve started to look forward to instead of tread now that I only do it once every 4 weeks.

This grocery trip that I will be taking on the weekend will be the last one of the summer meal plan! I have made up a new fall/winter meal plan! I’ve taken out our BBQ recipes and added in homemade soups, added in a crock pot recipe every week, a meatless meal every week and warm your chilled bones meals. Yum!

This week breakfasts’ and lunches are the same and for supper we are having;

Sunday – Shish Kabob’s with rice, veggies, pita bread and Tzatziki sauce.

Monday – Spaghetti with garlic bread

Tuesday – Ham with potato casserole

Wednesday – Farmhouse chicken with rice and carrots

Thursday – Perogies

Friday – Pizza night!

As I mentioned above, I have learnt to love grocery shopping instead of dreading it. I wake up early (or go late) when the store is the most quiet. With my list in hand I go up and down the aisles crossing things off. These are the things that make my shopping trip more enjoyable.

1. A drink. Before beginning my grocery shopping I go and purchase myself a beverage. This is a time by myself and I plan on enjoying every second. Whether it be a coffee, water or juice, I like to have something to sip on. Just adds to the relaxation for me. No rushed shopping = no rushed decisions or purchases.

2. List and pen! A MUST!

3. Comfortable clothes and shoes! Who wants to be pulling on their clothes constantly as the go to grab things off the shelf?

4. Calculator! My most important item. I use to have a small purse sized calculator but now I have my iphone! I try to calculate the best prices and what my final total will be before getting to the cash. It is my monthly goal not to go over the budget.

I am SO particular about what certain foods cost and making sure that we are getting the best price!

Granola bars are something that I love to make as a treat. But, when your husband has 2 a day, it keeps me sane to just buy them!

But, granola bars aren’t just a delicious snack. They are about to teach us all a lesson as well.

 Book club and bachelorette 011


I, like most people, instantly grab for the largest family sized containers of food thinking that they are more bang for your buck. Without even thinking I could throw these bulk items in my cart and head to the cash.

Now? I take a quick second with item number 4 (Calculator) and I figure out how much I am paying per gram/ounce/liter/item.

Take these Walmart brand granola bars. They come in two sizes. You can get a box of 8 for $1.88 or a box of 40 for $10.40.

Immediately, I am drawn to the the 40 pack. I think most people are. Why else would they package up 40 in a box unless it was cheaper? But, let’s do the math!

$1.88/8 = $0.235 per bar


$10.49/40= $0.262 per bar

Amazing! Buying bulk is not always cheaper!

Crazy right? I know it seems like pennies. Like it’s not a lot of money but when you are trying to save money every cent really does matter. I mean, it’s simple logic. Why would you want to spend more for the same thing if you don’t have to? Taking a few moments out of your grocery trip to make a few simple calculations can save you money!

I hope you all have enjoy the Grocery Savings series. I know I have enjoyed sharing it all with you! Thanks for reading along over the last 4 weeks!

Have a great weekend!



  1. Wow, great post! I bet I've lost a lot of money buying in bulk at Wally World!

  2. At Metro where I shop they have a small label beside every item. It give the cost per one, so its a snap to see which size or brand is cheapest. I use it all the time. As I don't have a smart phone, I have to be smart in other ways!

    I am hoping you will post a couple crock pot or soup recipes, two of my favourite ways to cook. I have been eating homemade cauliflower/potato cheddar soup for lunch all week, cheap and nutritius, and oh, so yummy!