Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Welcome To Shawvegas! Shawville Fair 2012


Happy TUESDAY everyone! There’s still a pep in my step even though the long weekend is over! The best part of a long weekend? The next week is short! Woo hoo!

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! It was a happening little spot around these parts. Everyone and their dog were up at the Shawville Fair. Hundred’s of people come from all around to our little part of the world for one of the greatest fairs around!

Being that we haven’t had a lot of rain lately Ryan and I had to stick pretty close to the farm to change irrigation every 6 or so hours. But that doesn’t mean that we didn’t get up to the fair!

Friday night, after doing irrigation, we decided it be best to stay in rather then venture up the the fair.

Saturday, we did chores around the house and moved irrigation again before we started to get ready for the fair! You know it’s Shawville fair time when your outfit consists of blue jeans, cowboy boots and a bright green bracelet.

fair 7

We picked up Jilly and ventured though the midway and exhibits. We grabbed a quick supper at Billy T’s pizza and then Ryan left to go home.

Jill and I met up with her family for some fun with a couple of excited kids who had just spent their afternoon at the fair!

fair 6

We then transitioned closer to the “big white ride” to start listening to some music. We chatted and hung around until the big show started! Chad Brownlee!

fair 5

fair 4

It was an amazing show! The crowd was pumped! And it was back to the big white ride for more bud lights and dancing!

One of my favorite parts of the fair is getting to see friends old and new! One of my old high school buddies and I! (Hi Meagan!)

fair 3

It was a wild one on Saturday! Tons of people! At one point Jill and I even lost each other! But after a quick search we were found!

Things were beginning to get a little fuzzy so I called our handsome DD (THANKS RY!) to pick us up! It was a fun ride home recapping the night’s events to Ryan.

Sunday morning was a little rough as I had not been up that late and had that many beers in a long time! Not to mention, I had COMPLETLY lost my voice! It was a peaceful day for Ryan! :-)

That evening I broke out the cowboy boots again and we headed up the fair again!

fair 2

After a beavertail we watched some of our friends kids on the rides and then took our place to watch Terri Clark perform!

fair 1

I still wasn’t in great form and without a voice I felt bad not being able to chat with anyone! So, we hit the road to home pretty early!

Monday we decided to stay home and catch up on things around home while doing irrigation. Between laundry, canning tomatoes and Friday Night Lights, our day flew by!

How was your long weekend?



  1. Thank you again for being my partner in crime on Saturday night...that was TOO much fun! Do you think we can talk Ryan into being our DD again next year?? hahaha!!!

  2. So glad you and Jilly had a blast, and thank God for Ryan letting you ladies have the night off and being the DD.