Monday, December 10, 2012

“Christmafied” Weekend


Happy Monday everyone! Geez! This past weekend was AMAZING! It was the perfect break I needed after a difficult week last week. Looking ahead to the weekend I thought that it would be so jam packed and busy that I would get overwhelmed but I didn’t!

The weekend started out on Friday with a small book club group meeting for our annual Christmas potluck and the discuss this book:

the happiness project

The Happiness project!

It was a great time chatting with friends over some yummy eats!

Saturday morning I was up early to head to the grocery store! I was there right when the doors opened! I kind of took a double take in the baking section at this cake. A little funny looking of a Santa.

santa cake

As soon as I was done there, I headed over the liquor store to pick up a couple bottles of my favorite wine. I had to park in an adjacent parking lot because the stores was full! It was 9:30 AM. The store opened at 9 and all 3 cash registers were open with AT LEAST 7 people in each line!! I had to stand in line for 30 minutes to pay for my wine! I couldn’t believe it!

liquor store

Once home and unpacked, it was time to get ready to head to the girls annual Christmas potluck and gift exchange!

As always the feast was amazing but it was the friends that made the afternoon awesome! Visiting with everyone and watching all the kiddos interact!

Book club weekend 020

Book club weekend 015

After supper and the gift exchange we all bundled for for the Quyon Christmas Parade of Lights! Which in my opinion was THE BEST EVER! 17 floats in total! Pretty good for our small little town!

Book club weekend 027

Book club weekend 045

Sunday morning it was up early and off to church for a special Christmas pageant! The church was full of angels and Sheppard's! I ended up with the role of Mary. Luckily, I only had 2 lines!

Book club weekend 048

Book club weekend 057

After church it was back home for bacon and eggs with my parents. Dad came too and is definitely still sore from his hernia surgery but on the mend!

After looking at the weather forecast all morning, Ryan finally got the call to say that he would need to be into work (in Ottawa. An hour away) for 1 AM. We had made plans to take my grandma out for supper and to a Christmas concert but had to cancel on account of the bad weather and Ryan having to work. That’s the life of something who works in snow! Plans are NEVER set in stone!

As Ryan went to bed at 6 PM, I stayed up and made some food for this weeks suppers and finished our Christmas cards. Ready to be sent out!

christmas cards

It was a full weekend! Every moment there was something going on but it was better then the stressful work from the week before! I actually feel rested and rejuvenated. Ready for another week ahead!

How was your weekend?



  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! I wish we had a Christmas parade around here! (Although I did just see that apparently they are doing a Holiday House Tour!) And totally get it with the snow. Big A and I can't plan ANYTHING in the winter. Including my birthday. :( Now... do me a favor and send some of the snow my way... maybe next week?

  2. Thank you for picking me up some of that awesome wine - even though that totally sucks you had to wait so long in line for it!!!

    Great pics from the weekend. It definitely all put me in a holiday mood :)

  3. What's this awesome wine you speak of?? ;)

  4. The pageant was super, and you sure sang like the angel you are!