Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Letters


Dear Blog,

Maybe it’s from this cold and feeling under the weather or maybe it’s from being so tired that my head could hit my lap top right now but I could not put forth the effort to write a post this morning. Truthfully, I wasn’t even fully awake or aware until about 10:30 this morning.

I apologize for my absence. I hope you still love me.



Dear Hospital,

Is it a normal thing to only be open from 8 AM to 11 AM to have blood taken? Does this happen at all hospitals around the world? If so, I’d like to have that nurses job. Work from Monday to Friday for only 3 hours a day?! Thank-you-very-much!


Thinking of sleeping and not working


As a person getting drawn blood, I think that it is stupid! Getting there an hour before even the nurse arrives and still there are 2 dozen people there! The nurse even called in another victim patient before I had even put my shirt back on. She said “hope you can understand. I have to go fast, it’s like an assembly line.”  Maybe have some extended hours? Geesh!

Dear Readers,

No, I’m not pregnant!


Aunt Ruby

Dear Apple “Giver Away-er”,

Thank you for the case of apples for Christmas! They are so yummy! I couldn’t help but get giddy when I opened the case to find a beautiful apple in the middle with a leaf attached to the stem!

I have always had this idea as a kid that if I found an apple with leaf still on it (usually dried up of course) that it was lucky! Like a four leaf clover!

I ate said apple immediately and instantly felt luckier.


Buying a lottery ticket


Dear 2013 Agenda,

You also make me feel lucky. There is something so exciting about an empty agenda! Just sitting there ready for me to write in future events! Can’t be normal to be THIS excited for a new agenda!


Crazy organized

Dear Doctor,

As much as I appreciate your effort to make my “lady exam” not awkward while doing said “examination” I do not want to discuss the following;

- My vegetable garden

- Weekend plans

- The crazy weather we have been having lately

- The stock market




I hate your scale. Mine reads at least 5 lbs lighter!

Dear Curling,

I really enjoyed playing my first game this past week. So much so, that I joined a league. I’m the LEAST bit athletic.

Wish me luck.




Dear Everyone,

Hope you have a great weekend!




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  1. OK, Lindsay, so now we know what you don't want to chat about about during your "lady exam" (LOL!!!!) what Do you want to address?

    Thanks for my Monday giggle.