Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How Lindsay & Ryan Survive A Road Trip…Without Killing Each Other!


Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope everyone’s week is going as quickly as mine is. As I have mentioned before, the busy season is over. We are no longer able to harvest sod so the phones have become quiet and things are at a slower pace.

For me, this time of year brings a whole new set of challenges. Tradeshows, seminars and conferences. Throughout the winter, I could be living out of a suitcase one week out of every month. It’s difficult but I enjoy the change of pace. I enjoy the education. Yes, I love to learn. I even love the hotels. I mean, someone cleaning your room every day for you? Sweet!

Sometimes, if the weather is nice, Ryan can travel with me. The latest trip brought us on our first car ride since we got our new car. We were excited to take the 5 hour drive to Toronto and we packed supplies and got ready for the trip.

The first and most important item that I need for a road trip…

 road trip 4


Seriously, when you leave super early in the morning I can not be a very nice person until I get my caffeine in my system. Ryan get’s his fix another way, PEPSI! On our list from the grocery store…Coffee, Pepsi, water, Gatorade and beef jerky!

The second most important item that gets us through any long distance car ride…

Road trip 1

Canadian Trivial Pursuit.

The idea is that there are four categories. Geography, history, art and general. All the answers are Canadian specific. The one who gets 1 point in each category (by answering a question correct) is the winner!

For this specific trip. The current score…Lindsay – 4 and Ryan –2

Yes, we played 6 games involving answering random Canadian trivial questions…

Yes, we are huge dorks!

Another thing that we noticed is a new MUST NEED for us to drive together….


Our new car comes with butt warmers (aka: seat warmers) and with dual heat and air conditioning. Ryan’s side of the car is cold and I still get to be toasty warm.

Lastly, you need a great co-driver.

road trip 3

Take 1.. “Ryan, look at the camera!!”

Road trip 2

Take 2…Much better!

Seriously, we have a great system. Ryan hates driving in the big cities. So, he takes the wheel for most of the trip. Once we get into a big highway to do a little Chinese fire drill action and switch places. I just have a little more patience and nerves for the city driving and for traffic.

These specific things get us through any given road trip easily!

What are some of your road trip tricks?



  1. We generally play the ABC game where you look on billboards and find words on billboards/road signs that begin with every letter of the alphabet in order. You can play it one of two ways, against each other so if you find an A on a sign, the first person to see it/call it gets it and the other person has to find a different sign (can be the exact same sign down the road but has to be a different billboard if that makes sense) and you race to see who gets to Z first, otherwise you can play it together.

  2. My Kindle.....its been great for my road trips to Halifax. I actually enjoy trips with no music, and Reg and I love the chance to just drive and chat and be together. When Sancia comes to church she likes to play games on Reg's tablet or watch a DVD or sing to me :)

  3. Totally agree on the coffee! And I thought my mom and I were the only ones who called them butt warmers. Maybe I'm really Canadian at heart? Hehe. For our trips, I need a book. Then he can listen to whatever crap he wants and I can read. Which works out fine, unless he gets chatty, then I get annoyed. Haha. Glad you guys had a good trip!