Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Party & Happy Birthday Landyn!


Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful!

My weekend was filled with a couple of special events.

1. It was Mountainview’s annual Christmas party! Always so much fun! It really signals the end of the busy season! Bring on winter! Bring on Christmas!

Like last year, those employees who grow (or for girls wore) a mustache had $25 donated in their name to prostate cancer! Here’s the group this year:

MVT Christmas and Landyns birthday 001

After supper the Mountainview gang surprised the whole family with a 35th anniversary cake! It was such a sweet surprise!

We had a gift exchange, a few plaques to present and then it was time to get the party started! The band that was scheduled to play never showed so the owner opted for karaoke instead!

MVT Christmas and Landyns birthday 013

2. Celebrating the birthday of a special little boy! Landyn (Evan and Josee’s little boy) was born as a preemie last year. He was the tiniest little boy I had even held. I can hardly believe a year has passed already!

From this little baby:  

Maddy's Birthday 021

To this very handsome 1 year old:

MVT Christmas and Landyns birthday 020


MVT Christmas and Landyns birthday 031

How was your weekend?


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