Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wedding Details – The Rest Of My Attire


-6 days till Christmas…Just saying…:)

Happy Wednesday everyone! I’m sure everyone’s week is ticking along with anticipation of Christmas and a little break ahead!

Today, I wanted to finish up with what I wore on my wedding day. Last week, I showed you my dress and veil. But every girl knows it’s the accessories that finishes an outfit!

The shoes:

I loved my shoes. I was kind of stumped as to what shoes I wanted to wear. I just wasn’t feeling the idea of wearing the typical white wedding shoes. That’s when I stumbled upon Nina Shoes. What I loved about this particular shoe website was that you could custom make your own pair of shoes. Choose the style that you love and then pick whatever color you want! I loved my yellow and navy wedding shoes and they were very comfortable throughout the whole day!





One of the most important accessories that you wear on the wedding day! Of course you don’t wear them till after the wedding ceremony!



I already knew a long time ago that I wanted my hair up for the wedding. My hair is stick straight and does not easily hold a curl. I knew it had to be up because then no matter what the weather brought it would still look good and be out of the way!

I also knew a long time ago that I wasn’t a tiara girl. I think they look beautiful but when I put one on, I feel like a weirdo. I didn’t have this inner desire to feel like a princess on my wedding day. I just wanted to feel beautiful and like a bride.

That being said, I knew I still wanted something special to put in my hair.

While searching through Etsy one day, I saved FineNFleurie’s shop to my favorite’s. There were some of the most beautiful handmade bridal accessories I had ever seen. When I saw this particular comb I knew it was what I was looking to wear on my wedding day.





Let’s face it, we all know a wedding day is a very emotional day. And sometimes tears can fall throughout the day (throughout the WHOLE day!). So, I knew I wanted a handkerchief to help me wipe the evidence up.

When I googled “wedding handkerchief” a list of blogs came up that told stories of girls using their mothers or grandmothers handkerchief.

Unfortunately, my family didn’t have one that could be passed down to me but I thought it would be nice to get one to pass down to my future children or grandchildren.

That’s when I saw the perfect handkerchief on Personalized Mail’s website. It could be customized and came in the cutest packaging!



The garter is also an item of every brides list of things to get. It is usually a last minute item but one that is necessary for a reception garter toss!

That’s where again, Etsy came in. There is nothing that that website does not have. Just type in what you are looking for in the little search icon and it usually finds it.

I found my custom yellow and navy garter at the GarterBoutique and it was made and shipped to me in record time! I love etsy!



Jewelry wasn’t something that I really planned for. I was actually told not to buy anything so I had a sneaking suspicion that my husband-to-be was going to gift me some. 1 hour before the ceremony was to begin, I received my own set of pearls. My parent’s also coordinated with Ryan to gift me a beautiful pearl bracelet.

I proudly wore my pearls all day and continue to wear them all the time, post wedding!



Happy Wednesday!



  1. You did that Christmas countdown just to bother me, right? I knew it. And LOVE Nina shoes!

  2. I love all the accessories!! :) You were such a beautiful bride!