Monday, April 29, 2013

Poker Tournament, Camping and It’s Spring!!


Happy Monday everyone! Wow! What a great weekend! I just feel rejuvenated, slightly tired but overall super happy with the way that the weekend went!


The weekend was ALMOST here and at the office we had our first Friday Lunch of the year! My niece and nephew came to join us for lunch too and Faith and I got to taking some silly pictures.

Faith and I

It was an exciting day on Friday as well because a tractor arrived at the farm! There’s always a bit of an excitement buzz when a new piece of equipment gets purchased! This year though it was EXTRA exciting for one little boy. Clark is in LOVE with anything tractor or truck related! The boy goes bananas about it! So, he and my brother took the new tractor on the maiden voyage. To say that he was excited would be a complete understatement. In this new tractor there is even a little child’s seat with seatbelt so that it is extra safe!

New Tractor

Friday night we gathered at a fellow book club members beautiful home (Hi Holly)! We were discussing out latest read, The Glass Castle! There was LOTS of discussion about the book and personal experiences and stories. It was a great night chatting about the book and life!


The following day Ryan and I were up early to get ready and off to the Lions Hall to set up for our Canada Day Committee poker tournament! This was my very first tournament that I was attending and I was playing in it as well! I was a little nervous because I hadn’t played a game of poker since University, over 6 years ago!

When we arrived at the hall we took assessment of the flood damage. The parking lot was completely underwater but we were able to park on the street and walk in through the park!

Poker Tourney

The games got started and it took me a little while to remember how to play. Quickly, it all came back to me and I was starting to relax. As more and more people got out I kept moving from table to table. Finally, it was announced that there were only 10 people left and those people would go to the final table!

poker 2

I was sooo excited! My first goal was not to get out before supper but I never imagined I would make it as far as the final table! Although I wasn’t there long I was still excited to do as good as I did! And, I can’t wait to play my next game of poker!

poker 1


Sunday morning Ryan was off with my Dad for a round of golf and I headed to church with mom. It was Camping Sunday which was fun to bring back a ton of memories of my days of Golden Lake Camp. I spent many weeks in the summers going to camps and I have so many fond memories of that time.

Camping sunday 

After church I had to drive Ryan’s monster of a truck down to the city to pick him up from the golf course. We were heading to go purchase some important items for the upcoming pool renovation! It was such a beautiful day out and my first day of the year going without socks! Did I ever mention how much I DETEST socks?


No socks

We were pretty excited to get our big purchases made even though it severely hurt the bank account! We had a relaxing drive home and were going to stop in Carp for ice cream but the stand wasn’t open! :(

We opted for some cold lemonade instead!


That evening I pre-made some food for the upcoming busy work week and headed to bed early! We were pretty tired from all the activity from the weekend! It feels like we squeezed a lot of stuff in! But, that’s what I feel summer is about! Getting out, having fun and enjoying the beautiful days when they are here!

What did you do this weekend?



  1. Woah! That's some flooding! Congrats on making it to the final table!!!

  2. Ive been going sockless for over a week now, and I love it. Yesterday, I wore my sandals for a bit too :) Lovin the nice weather, almost time to get a pedicure!!!

  3. Thanks for the picture of camping Sunday. I had a lot of fun with that service and sermon. I am totally with you regarding socks!

  4. holy flood! how scary! and tractor rides are the best :)