Friday, April 26, 2013

Reason # 15 – Why I Love My Small Town


Happy Friday everyone!

There was an interesting conversation happening yesterday at the office. Some of us were gathered around the island talking about the party in honor of the Kennedy family last week. It was such a great event for a wonderful family and a great cause. This party brought people to our little town from all over. And one piece of conversation between those out-of-towners remained the same, Quyon is one of the best examples of a strong  community.

Kennedy Party 146

This fact, I can’t argue against because I agree. We may be a very small town but our spirits are large! To me, there is no other community in the area that can rally together to make dreams a reality, better then Quyon.

With lack of people, funding and businesses in our small town, it appears to be a little run down place. But, when something needs to be accomplished the whole community rallies together to make it happen! A great example of that is all the fundraising for our new hall! It’s going to happen. The money is there and it only took 2 years to collect enough money through fundraising to get the communities portion! It is through generous donations, a lot of hard work and parties honoring those who do so much it is our town, that is making the new community centre happen!

Rolly 086

Party in honor of Rolly Bernier

Vegas camera 086

Party in honor of Mae McCann

Other committee’s and groups plan fun events as well! Car rally, duck race, murder mysteries, suppers and breakfasts! All that funding goes right back into making this town a better place! Not to mention how fun it is to participate in these events!

 Car Rally 016

It upsets me when someone says that our town “sucks” or that there is “nothing to do”. Yes, our town has it’s problems. Which town doesn’t? But to me, our community is so good at focusing on the positive of our town rather then the negative! If someone truly believes there is nothing to do, that is because they are not getting out there and taking part! Parties, shows, parades and fun events are happening almost every weekend! It is the people of the community who come out and participate that realize how great this place is. How coming together at these fundraisers DOES make our small town a better place. If you want to make the town you live in better then you have to get up, get out and help! Complaining at home and not participating is certainly not changing anything!

Parades happen almost every season!


Weekend with Caleb and Aleisha 031 

With a special visit to Santa. I don’t think the members of the Lions Club could ever realize how special they made this little girl feel at this event. It’s a memory that I cherish.

Weekend with Caleb and Aleisha 035

Canada Day Parade

Canada Day 009

Halloween Parade.

Halloween 025

A long time ago a group got together because they felt that our town should have fireworks to celebrate Canada Day. There was no monies from the municipality so they formed the Canada Committee and started raising the money themselves. That committee is still around today. Organizing events with 100% of the money going back into making sure there is a wonderful party and fireworks display FOR the town for Canada Day! Such great spirit!

IMG_3004canada day 1

Canada Day 029

As you can tell by the blog title, I’m from a small town. But after this post today, you may understand a bit more as to why I love it so much. It’s the people that make it. And I am so proud to be part of a town of wonderful people who work they’re butts off to make where we live the best that it can be!

Hope you have a great weekend!



  1. LOVE our town, LOVE all the great events, and LOVE how everyone pulls together in times of need! Wouldn't want to be anywhere else! :)

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  3. great post! reason #54353 why I love small towns :) new follower! have a good one!