Monday, May 27, 2013

Canada Day Golf Tournament 2013


Happy Monday everyone! A flurry of weekend fun made this weekend go by in a blink! It was the annual Canada Day Golf Tournament, one of the best events of the year! I have been golfing in the Canada Day Golf Tournament for many years! This was the first one since Ryan and I joined the committee last year! It was fun being behind the scenes of planning such a great event! All the profits going towards an epic Canada Day celebration in our small town!

On Saturday morning we were up with the birds and so excited for the day ahead! By 7 AM this pic was taken in a golf shirt with the 300 Jell-o shots that I had made the night before – A sure sign of a good day ahead!

golf 3

My team’s tee time was 11:10 and we were out of the course in perfect time! The team consisted of Jill, myself and friends Kelly and Sara!

Kelly and Sara on their cart! 


Our team on the traditional 4th tee photo op!


I can’t say that I was all too pleased with my actual golf game. I pretty much gave up after 4 holes! It was just too frigging cold! I had about 4 shirts on underneath my coat! Typically, people are complaining about getting sunburns on golf tournament day! Not this year as it was so cold and windy! Regardless of how cold it was, I still had a blast sitting on the carts out on the course visiting with the girls!

After a quick change, we headed to the hall to begin the evening festivities with a delicious steak supper!

golf 2

The rest of the evening I spent bartending away! I did manage to take sneak away when the band started playing a couple of great songs! I got tossed around the dance floor by a couple of friends!

The whole evening is a blast catching up and having fun with friends and neighbours! It really is one of the best parties around!


Even though I didn’t have anything to drink (aside from a couple of Jello-o shots) I felt like I had a massive hangover the next day! What the heck!? I guess it’s a true sign that I am getting older because my head and body hated me the next day! Can’t handle the late nights anymore!

Regardless of have I felt, Ryan and I had to make a trek to the city to pick up some pool renovation supplies! But we weren’t home long and both decided to call it a night by 7:30, blah! A good sign of a great weekend!

How was your weekend?



  1. Me too! I felt like I was hungover yesterday, and all I had was 3 drinks and a few jello shooters in a span of 5hrs. I should have just go drunk if I knew I was going to feel like that HAHA. It was a great day though!

  2. Ha, ha,Sarah! I know Reg had a great time! Wish I was a golfer, ha, ha. I have never had a Jello shot, likely a good thing!

  3. 300 Jell-O shots? Wow! That's crazy! I definitely can't hang like I used to either. Looks like we are both getting old! Haha :)

  4. It's too bad that the weather wasn't kind to your game but it looked like you had tons of fun regardless. The steak supper and party afterwards sounded like a blast too! And if I may ask, how often do you play golf? Do you just play for fun or do you compete too?