Friday, May 24, 2013

I Love Kids. Especially When They Aren’t My Own


Happy Friday everyone! I would say most people in my area are complaining about the rainy week we have been having around these parts. But you won’t hear any complaints of the rain coming from my lips. I’m a happy little farmer who remembers how hard the draught of last year was on the crop! Bring on the rain!

For those of you who know me, I have very important title. It’s Auntie or as the little munchkins call me, Ti-ti. I take this role very seriously. It is my goal to be that crazy aunt in their life. The one who fills them full of sugar, who they can run to when in need of a good time and who will insist on hiding the things she teaches them from Mommy and Daddy.

And, so far so good. I mean one of Faith’s first words was “Shit” after she heard me saying it in the office. – Proud moment right there…yikes!

And, on more occasion then one when she tells me “Mommy said no”. I will bring a smile to Faith’s face by saying, “What Mommy doesn’t know, won’t hurt her”. (Sorry Hol!)

Faith helps me as well by helping me take great pictures as material for this post!


faith 5


To say that I love Faith and Clark (and Baby number 3 who is due in July!) would be an understatement. I finally understand a little piece of what a parent feels for their own children.

When they are fun and adorable I can’t help but get excited about the idea of having an ankle biter of my very own. I day dream about movie nights, walks hand in hand, sweet baby smiles. Then, moments like this happen that snaps me back reality.


Guys, I can’t handle the whining and crying and pooping and puking! It only takes a millisecond and I’m right back to popping the birth control pills and wearing my chastity belt!

That’s why I can officially say that being an Auntie is the best job in the world. You get all of the joys of children. And you can even claim them as (kind of) your own. As soon soon as you are ready for a good night sleep or some quiet time, you ship them back to their Mom and Dad.

Even our friends children…I ADORE them! But there is something so wonderful about that moment right after you leave! A sense of relief washes over me and I am so glad to have my own space again. Not to be attached to a child for the next 18 years.

I always say, I’d love to have children some day if I can. But I have a commitment issues with children. I love them but I am so not ready to be stuck with one, yet.

Happy Friday!



  1. I want to be an Auntie sooooooooooooooo bad, but my brother is nowhere near having kids. BOO! By the way... she is such a cutie!

  2. I think I can explain that look of total despair on Clarkie's face there. Strapped in and forced to wear a Leafs shirt... poor little guy, I'd have a meltdown too!!!!

    Your friendly neighbourhood Sens Fan ;)

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  4. Jillian stole my comment, ha, ha!

  5. hahaha, seriously BEST part about being an auntie. enjoying them when they're happy and when they're grumpy, they go back to their parents! enjoy the rainy days!

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