Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tough Week


I have to honest. I don’t really feel like blogging. It’s only Wednesday and already it’s been a tough week and it’s not about to get easier. Because of this, this will be my last post of the week.

Yesterday, we got news that my (great) Uncle Lyle has passed away after a difficult couple of months of bad health. I heard this news via text message and instantly burst into tears.

My grandpa on my dad’s side got into an accident and became ill when I was very young. I actually don’t have any childhood memories of my grandpa when he was well. My grandpa’s sister was my Aunt Elaine. For as long as I remember, while my other grandparents weren’t there, my Aunt Elaine and Uncle Lyle were there for every holiday, birthday and just random visits. We were very close. That’s why when we got married and had the “grandparent” picture, I insisted they were in it.


I can never thank Uncle Lyle for all those years that he was in my life like I was his blood grand daughter. He was a great man to look up to and I am so thankful for all the years and memories I have with him. I love you and I’ll miss you.


While we are being together as a family and going through the emotions and events after someone you love passes, I have to also prepare for surgery tomorrow.

Back in November, shortly after my birthday, I went through a traumatic experience at the hospital while there for a Bartholin’s cyst. It has been something that I have been battling with ever since and has continued to worsen. On Thursday, I will finally be having it dealt with as the wonderful surgeon will be operating to remove both (yes I have developed a second cyst) Bartholin gland cysts. It will just be a day surgery and I am both nervous yet excited. It will be such a relief to not have to deal with this issue anymore.

Since I will most likely be drugged up come Friday, I will not be doing another post this week. For the rest of the week I am signing off to be with family and to deal with some personal issues.

I hope the rest of everyone’s week is great.



  1. I am so so sorry that you are going through all of this. I'm so sorry for your loss and I am so sorry that you are still dealing with this painful issue. Such a sucky week! I hope that things get better for you! Hope you're doing OK!

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  3. Was very sad to hear about Lyle...good luck on Thursday and get lots of rest! Sucks that this is all happening right before your ONE YEAR anniversary, but that's the cards you were dealt at this time and after this is over, like you said, you will have relief!

  4. So sad to hear about Lyle - such a great man. He will be missed :(
    Your Mom told Mom and I about the operation on Saturday - good luck :) xox

  5. So sorry for your loss Lindsay :( Our thoughts are with you. Good luck with the surgery, hope all goes well and you are back to your awesome self in no time!!!

  6. I'm so sorry for your loss.
    My thoughts are with you during this rough week.
    I hope everything goes well with your surgery.
    I'm thinking of you

  7. Oh, Lindsay,
    Sorry for your loss. I am holding you and your family in heartfelt prayers. Healing prayers are winging you way too. Take care.