Friday, June 7, 2013

A Year Of Dates– May


Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have had a super fast week! Hang on a little longer, the weekend is almost here!

I am happy to say that Ryan and I successfully completed our “May Date” which was planned by me! With May being mother’s day, our wedding anniversary and my surgery thrown in there, I wasn’t sure if we could pull this month off. Thank goodness for holiday Mondays!

May date 1

I wanted something a little lower key for my next planned date since the one before was an out of town date.

may date 2

It reads:

“May – Let’s head over to Merivale road in Ottawa for a* bite to eat at Kelsey’s. Then, let’s try a place that Lindsay has always wanted to go to…”

The picture at the bottom is of The Putting Edge. A glow in the dark mini putt course! I was happy to find out that not only have I never been there but neither has Ryan!

It was hot and sunny on the holiday Monday and a beautiful day for a car ride! We grabbed our sunglasses and hit the road for the hour long drive to Ottawa.

May date 3

About a week before our date I got a notice in my e-mail inbox from Groupon selling a 2 for 1 coupon for The Putting Edge! I grabbed one right away! The even better saving news? They were having a 2 for 1 deal already for being a holiday. So we only had to pay the tax. So, we played our round of mini putt for $0.31. YES!

It was perfectly quiet when we got started but the crowds started trickling in behind us. We picked out our lucky ball and started the game! I was a little worried it would be really dark and that I would get scared. But the walls were surrounded by black light murals that it more exciting and fun.

may date 5

The best part of the course? This little spinney wheel that is stationed on every 3rd hole. Each person takes a turn spinning the wheel and then has to follow the instructions. One time, I had to putt with only one foot. Another, Ryan had to shoot is ball with the opposite end of the club!

may date 4

On the 5th hole (out of 18) I got the first and only hole-in-one of the game! WOO HOO! Don’t worry, I was such a good sport and didn’t gloat at all…NOT! ha ha!

may date 6

may date 8

Unfortunately, Ryan won the game….BY ALOT! Apparently I was off my mini putt game that day!

may date 9

After our game we checked out the arcade that is adjacent to the course. It was fun shooting hoops and playing air hockey! In no time the time had flew by and we were starving!

We took the short walk across the parking lot to Kelsey’s restaurant where we had a delicious meal!

may date 10

While driving back home I convinced Ryan to stop at a frozen yogurt place that had just opened up! I had seen on other blogs where you can get frozen yogurt and then toppings of your choice! A buffet for my ice cream? HECK yes! The possibilities were endless and I put pretty much everything in my little cup!

may date 11

may date 12

Why yes, you can make me smile little cup of frozen yogurt goodness!

Overall, it was the perfect day and the perfect date. We were a little hesitant about spending our day off by going to the city. But, instead we picked up and left so that we could successfully complete our date! Because really, what else would we have done that day? Work around the house? Lay around being being? Probably!

Instead, we got to spend it together, doing an activity that we both have always wanted to try and the date envelope gave us that push to do it! It didn’t cost a lot of money but we both had a blast!

Hope you all have a great weekend!



  1. Sounds like a blast! We LOVE mini golf, but it is FIERCE competition. Alex has only won ONCE. Haha. And why did you have to show frozen yogurt. You know I'm OBSESSED! Like, go at 9:00 PM at night, by myself, in my PJs, obsessed. BTW I totally love this monthly date idea. I think I might steal it. :)

  2. mmm...froyo I am addicted! I can't actually eat ice cream but I can eat frozen yogurt so I occasionally treat myself. It doesn't help that I go to young adults service at a church near a froyo shop or that I work in a mall that happen to has a location of my favorite froyo shop that I will make excuses to go to at their other location! And that glow in the dark mini putt looks like a blast!