Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What I’m Loving Wednesday!


Happy Wednesday everyone! For some reason, this week is feeling extra long! I think It’s because I am just starting to catch up from lack of sleep from the weekend. Days are dragging on a little bit.

Today, I’m linking up with Jamie for What I’m Loving Wednesday! It feels like things are going a 100 miles an hour around here and I want to remember and jot down the good around me!

I’m Loving….that this has been the most perfect summer for a farmer, so far. I know alot of people have been complaining about the weather but our crop has never been better! Not to mention my own little veggie garden (which is double in size this year! Update to come!) is growing like mad! The sunny days with the deep and infrequent waterings are exactly the perfect combination for good growth! My green thumb is happy!

june 12 3

I’m loving….that for the most part, the pool renovation has gone very smoothly. Renovations this crazy time of year could be a bit of a disaster but I can’t say enough good things about the landscaper/contractor. He is literally looking after every little detail and keeps telling me “he’ll look after it”. Such a relief. Not to mention they are almost done and it is looking amazing!

june 12

I’m loving…my husband. I know, corny. But it’s true! He has been working his little butt off like crazy. Working 6 days a week. Some days till 8-9 PM and starting at 6:00 AM. I am so proud of how hard he works to get ahead in life. All those extra hours are to provide for us and I am so grateful for such an amazing man.


I’m loving…getting back into the swing of things. I am seeing the end in sight as far as surgery recovery goes. Last night, I had my first yoga class back. I had forgotten how much I have missed exercise until I wasn’t allowed to do any.

I’m loving…this coming weekend! Bestie Amanda and her fiancés stag is this weekend! It’s going to be a fun time!

I’m loving…my new travel coffee mug! Yes, I walk to work but I still need a travel mug! I don’t like the coffee at the office so I bring my own every morning from home. I would just use one of my coffee mugs from the house. But with carrying papers back and forth my arms would be full every morning and coffee would end up being spilt everywhere. I found this little beauty on sale for $3 at Home Sense last week and have been loving it since! This porcelain mug keeps the coffee hot and my pants clean from lack of spillage.

june 12 2

I’m loving…some fun crafting projects that I have underway! I can’t wait to share with you all soon!

I’m loving…shopping for new pool accessories! I REALLY want these whale fins and anchor towel hooks! I love the look and I think they would be so handy to have in the pool area!

whale hook

What are you loving this week?



  1. I am loving your pool renovation and can't wait for it to be done to take the kiddies for a swim LOL - if we are invited that is !

  2. Holy cow those towel hooks are awesome!

  3. I am loving looking at the pictures from my Ordination and how happy and blessed I am feeling, and how fantastic it is to be staying in Quyon Pastoral Charge.

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  5. Kudos to your husband, that is awesome. I am crazy about the coffee mug. Look on my blog posts and you'll see animal print everywhere. Wishing you more speed in your recovery!

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