Monday, June 24, 2013

Amanda’s Bridal Shower and Sunday School Picnic


Wow! Now that was a busy weekend but one that I was so looking forward to. The only problem with super busy weekends is that they go by way too fast!

The weekend started out by going to a liberal fundraiser supper! Not ideally everyone’s idea of a good Friday but I love politics and I didn’t have to cook supper! Bonus! And I ended up being at a table with family and friends so it was super fun!

Saturday morning started out super early as I had prep to do for a very important day! The fellow bridesmaids and I were hosting a Bridal shower for Amanda! We were so looking forward to the time together to celebrate this special girl in our lives! It was a friends shower so we knew it would be fun!

The food spread! So many yummy treats! 


We were going with a mason jar theme! Mason jars were used in every possible spot including as drinking cups and flower vases! We also made cute cookie mix favors in mason jars for the guests!



The plan was to have the party outside but mother nature had other plans! Instead we all sat in the sun porch to eat and open gifts!

The beautiful bride-to-be!


I really enjoyed this shower because I got to visit with some new and old friends! We all stood around the kitchen island for a couple hours just chatting away! Great girl time! I have also really enjoyed getting to know the girls in Amanda’s wedding party! Some of them I knew and some I was only acquaintances with. But now I can call them all friends!


Ryan came by later and visited with the girls and helped clean up and load up gifts into Amanda’s car! And how adorable is little Paisley in this picture?


Sunday morning after sleeping in a bit, we headed off to church. Expect it wasn’t the typical church service as it was held outside at a neighbour's home! It was time for the annual Sunday School picnic! 


This service was extra special because we got to present Nancy, our newly ordained minister with some special tokens of congratulations.

Nancy with her thumb print plate from the Sunday school kids!


Nancy with her new quilt!


It was also a special Sunday for the kids as they were celebrating a year of Sunday school completed! They all received new books and enjoyed looking at them for the rest of the service.


A pot luck lunch and hot dogs were served after the service and then it was time for some old fashioned games!

First, the potato sack race! The big kids even got to participate and I was pretty excited as it was my very first potato sack race ever!


We then picked partners and played a egg/spoon relay race! We got up close and personal in a suck the card and pass it along game! Boys against girls!


After church Ryan and I headed to the city to get some pool supplies and groceries! The rest of the afternoon was spent puttering away and enjoyed the rest of our weekend!

As you can see the weekend was JAM PACKED with so many fun things! I had an absolute blast this weekend during all the events, even though it passed by in a blink!

How was your weekend?



  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend! My sunday wound up being my only jampacked day.

  2. Thanks, great pictures.....taking the quilt one, as I didn't have one on my camera. The picnic was fantastic!

  3. such pretty pictures! it all looks like so much fun!