Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Garden 2013–Part 2


Happy Wednesday everyone! Summer has arrived and slapped us in the face with temperatures that feel like 40+, humidity hair issues and thunderstorms almost every day…nice!

But, JILL PAY ATTENTION HERE, I’m not wishing it away. I’m loving all the memories this summer has and I am fully enjoyed every moment, even the crazy work days!

If you have read here before, you know that I have a wee bit of a green thumb. I love to get my hands dirty and grow some fresh food! The only issue with this is that I have limited vegetable garden space. Yes, I have a lot more then most, but I also love having flower garden’s and I love having grass yard!

When we first re-did the gardens around the house, I had plans in mind for a bunch of new plants. The only issue with order so many new plants is that it can be expensive! Sure, the flowers are beautiful and they would bloom year-after-year but it was a lot to spend all at once.

So at first, the gardens were sparse. One year I had bought/grown too many vegetable plants to fit my tiny patch and I didn’t want them to go to waste. Without any hesitation I knew what I wanted to do…plant them in my flower garden!

My flower gardens have some of the best soil and light. So that first year I took note at how good things grew in the flower beds. The next year, instead of ordering a certain amount of flowers, I filled that extra space with even more vegetables. Again, they flourished.

So began my obsession with having an edible garden. Even though I have a beautiful spot to grow vegetables, there are traces of edible fruits and vegetables all over the property.

12 tomato plants in the flower beds


Apple tree orchard (5 trees) behind the pool

Chives in the flower beds


Strawberry plants in the flower beds


Plum tree’s, crab apple, other herbs and raspberry bushes along the bush line!

Lavender in the flower garden bed. Which I bring into the house as a natural “febreze”.


I love to use every space available to grow and plant things that not only look beautiful but that can also be a benefit to us!

What do you grow in your gardens?



  1. NOTHING BOO - I have a little area in my back yard that I could plant a wee garden but I hate bugs and I don't know how to do it or even start :(

  2. Looking good girl! Currently, we have 3 tomato plants. Two are doing really well. The third isn't dying but there aren't any tomatoes on it yet. Boo. BUT, it looks like the previous owners had a garden in that spot and everything grows CRAZY quick (and I think there's a raspberry bush, but I take no credit for that) so hopefully next year we can grow more! Well... you will have to come and plant it for me, but I have big plans!

  3. hahaha! You BETTER not be wishing this summer away, I feel like it finally just started!! (at least, weather-wise...)

    I have NO green thumb. The weed-filled flower beds around the house are a testament to that. Luckily, my momma does. She shares her produce. ;)

  4. I have tomatoes, carrots, peas, green beans, and beautiful flowers. Guess I had better get off the computer and go weed, but it too hot & muggy. Weeds will live another day, ha, ha.