Friday, August 2, 2013

Year Of Dates–July


Happy Friday everyone! Why does it feel like the week before a long weekend lasts FOREVER?!?! It’s been a good week though! I really can’t complain about this one!

The end of July and beginning of August are typically a quiet time for us at the farm. That being said, I knew there were a lot of activities this month leading up to Amanda and Josh’s July 20th wedding. So I wanted to keep this month’s date pretty low key and easy.


For July, I planned a delicious supper out and a movie with my hunny!


It was getting VERY close to August and we still hadn’t completed our date. Finally, on July 28, after church, we hit the road to start our date night.


Originally, the date was planned for us to cross the ferry and head over to Kanata. The problem with that? The theatre there does not accept my Scene card. This card is awesome! You get 100 points per movie and then once you reach 1000 points (which isn’t hard to do), you get a free movie! So instead of Kanata, we headed to the east end of the city to Gloucester.

At Montana’s I have a favourite…Pickled Caesars! Yum!


I love the table clothes that you can write on!


The power was out at the restaurant but I really had to use the washroom…thank goodness for the flashlight app on my phone! When I got back to the table this was at my place!


The difficult part of this date was that I had wrote that we should agree on a movie! That is SO hard for us! Ryan loves action and gore! I love comedy and romance! Yikes! Thankfully, Wolverine had just been released to theatres that weekend and I like super hero movies!


The movie was in 3D and it did not disappoint! So good! But the best part? The seats we were in!! I have NEVER been in a theatre with such comfy seats! They even reclined!! I was in heaven! Ryan and I both agreed that this is the theatre that we will be visiting more often! It is totally worth the extra 15 minute drive!

This was definitely one of our lower key dates but it didn’t matter to us. At this point in our “year of dates” we have learnt how important it is to schedule off that time where it is just the two of us. Where we have no errands to run around to get. It’s just all about us and doing something fun together!

Happy Friday!



  1. I love these posts! I think I am totally stealing this idea for next year!

  2. So fun! I havent been to that theatre in awhile, we have a gift card to a cineplex so I'll have to convince Ian to go there since they have reclining seats! awesome! Movie dates are always fun.

  3. enjoy your movie dates before kids...i dont even remember the last time i was at the theatre, i think when we went with the girls for someone's birthday two years ago and we saw Something Borrowed...Ricky and I have had plans but then my kid would always get sick and we wouldnt be able to go....sigh

  4. wolverine is so awesome! sounds like a perfect date night! :)

  5. Sounds like you had a great day! I am glad to hear that about Wolverine, I think I am watching it this weekend!

  6. I adore your date posts, what a great idea. Silver City?