Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pool Party 2013


Happy Wednesday everyone! I know I could have written this post yesterday. I was all prepared to! But there is something about a long weekend that you just want to extend. Even if it is one extra day. Yes, I was still at work yesterday, but my mind was still on the weekend, it was that great!

The weekend started off with a relaxing Friday and then an early morning on Saturday. I picked up the remainder of the supplies for our FIFTH annual pool party!

The rest of Saturday was spent preparing some food for Sunday, party day!

pool party 2

This year was a particularly exciting pool party year! Not only were we celebrating that we have been hosting this even for 5 years but we also completed a huge pool renovation and were excited to show it off!

On Sunday the weather forecast didn’t look the greatest. Cold, windy and periods of rain! But the party went on as planned regardless of the weather.

Everyone started arriving around 1-2 PM and the kiddos basically jumped right in the pool as soon as they got there! The group of kids just keeps growing and growing! It’s amazing! And the older ones are so brave now! They are swimming by themselves and going down the slide over and over again!

The best part of the party for me is always standing back by myself and taking it all in! Seeing our friends enjoying themselves! Getting to welcome them to our home and use the pool that we are so fortunate to have. We really do have the greatest friends in the world! 

pool party 5

pool party 3

pool party 6

pool party 7

Sorry about the poor picture quality but someone’s good digital camera decided to stop working…Sad smile 

It was neat to see how the new lay out at the pool worked with all the party guests! It actually worked out really well! The conversation set was used by little ones in wet bathing suits as they ate quickly before jumping back in the pool. The BBQ is now out at the pool area now so Ryan and I got to watch more swimming while making the burgers and hot dogs. And, because of the rain, thank goodness for the garage! A refuge to get out of the rain and cold and have some snacks!

It was another successful pool party. A pool party we almost didn’t have. We were worried that the pool party idea was going “old”! After seeing all the people (especially kids) in the pool for hours on end, it reaffirmed that it is still a successful party! Looking forward to the 6th annual pool party next year!



  1. that looks like so much fun! how fun to have that in your backyard!

  2. Looks like a blast! Wish we had pool weather!

  3. Looks like we missed a good one :( We will be there next year without fail!!! Happy everyone had such a great time!!!

  4. Looked like a fantastic time!