Monday, August 26, 2013

While The Man’s Away…


Happy Monday everyone! I let out a huge sigh on Friday as I had made it through the first full week back to reality after a wonderful holiday the week before. It was tough though! Not going to lie! But, the weekend was jammed packed with things to do! Ryan had left Thursday night for a weekend long four wheeling getaway with a bunch of guys! Of course I missed him, but I am definitely not the type of girl to sit around waiting for him to get home! Instead my weekend was full of fun and activities!

On Friday night, the weekend started out with a great book club meeting! We all met at fellow book club member, Katie’s house! It was great sitting around and having some girl chat with these girls! For some reason, no matter what, we are never short for conversation! The book that we were discussing this month was Bloom by Kelle Hampton. Great book club discussion book!


Unfortunately, we had to skip out of book club early but for a great reason! We headed over to our town hall for a fundraising even for Harold McKenny. This great young father of two, lost his arm in a freak accident while doing work to the new ferry over a month ago. You can read all about it here. One of the greatest things about this small town, in time of need we are really great about rallying together! I have never seen that many people in this little hall! The people were flowing in to raise money for Harold and his family! It’s such a great example of our wonderful community!

Saturday morning I was up early to grab some groceries and then spent the rest of the day working on a few projects!

That afternoon, I grabbed a few snacks I made and headed over with Jill to friend Sara’s! There, we were getting together for a visit and supper! Sara (and her two cuties), Priscilla, Jilly and I had a great time visiting! I love my girl time! There is nothing better then sitting around with no other agenda and just chit-chatting! We had a yummy BBQ supper and lots of snacks! It was a great to spend some time with the girls!

Charlotte and Daniel 

Sunday morning I got dressed and then went to visit my parents! They were finally home after their week long trip out east! The last time that I saw them was for their wedding renewal! It was great to hear about the rest of their trip!

I then headed to Norway Bay to take a short walk over to a baby shower in honor of Melissa who is the girlfriend to Ryan’s step brother! I’ve known Melissa since high school and it’s great to see this beautiful mommy-to-be glowing as she opened all things pink yesterday! Ryan and I can’t wait to meet Melissa and Kyle’s baby girl sometime in the next couple months!

baby hamelin

That afternoon I headed home and got to work! I started on some laundry and finally got some apple sauce made! I had been blessed by being given lots of apples! I love having homemade applesauce on hand all winter! But, recipe to come!

apple sauce 1

How was your weekend?



  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I read that book and loved it as well! :)

  2. Your weekend sounds wonderful. I bet Brodee would love some help picking his apples, ha, ha, did you see his sign!

    There are a bumper crop of apples in the Pontiac this year. I have a box from Kate and am thinking of getting more to make applesauce too. Do you still have any dill weed you are not using? I am hoping to make my pickles, I got off schedule lately to do my late summer stuff.