Friday, August 9, 2013

Pool Renovation 2013


Happy Friday everyone!! The end of the week is here! And it wasn’t so bad! That’s what is great about long weekends! It makes the next work week short! I’m starting to get pumped for a fun filled weekend ahead! Not to mention next week I won’t even be at work…for the first time in almost 3 years, I am taking a SUMMER holiday!! Woo hoo!

People keep asking us what we are doing for our holidays. For the most part, nothing! We did make a few plans but our biggest ones were to sleep in and enjoy our new pool area!

We both knew that renovating the house was top priority. We had to make it the best we could first before doing anything else! I mean, that was our home! We needed a bathroom, kitchen and somewhere to sleep! But, in the back of our heads, we have always been wanting to do a pool renovation.

My parents put in this pool before I can even remember. My brother and I spent HOURS out in the pool playing! Being that the pool area was over 20 years old, it was starting to look tired. It was starting to even fall apart. You had to be careful where you walked so to not fall through some boards. But, Ryan and I had a pool and for years we made due until we could save up enough money to properly fix it up!

We decided long ago, with our jobs at the farm that requires constant attention, that we will never own a cottage. We just wouldn’t use a cottage. We cannot pack up for weekends on end and go away! There’s emergencies at the farm, watering to do on weekends and work that has to be done. Make hay when the sun shines! So, we decided to put money into this area. Make this our “cottage”, our oasis!


Pool Reno Before 017

Pool Reno Before 001

Pool Reno Before 002

Pool Reno Before 016

Pool Reno Before 005

Pool Reno Before 004

We got rid of our hot tub. We never used it because we keep the pool so warm with a heater!

Pool Reno Before 010


Ryan and I went with a local landscaping company, Purerock Landscaping. The owner also happens to be a friend of ours. We cannot say enough about how great Scott and his team were! Every time someone asks us how it went, we go on and on about their great work! They actually made the process easy and enjoyable! Never did we have to worry about a thing! They were there from start to finish, and if you are use to contractors, that’s not normal! Every little detail was taken care of and all I had to do was sit back and watch it all happen. We are SO thankful to Purerock for all the hard work they put into our space and for making the process so easy for us!

We are VERY happy with the outcome of the pool area. The idea for the area was that we wanted a relaxing space. An oasis that was very useable. Basically another living space! And that is exactly what we got!



The new bar area!



One of my favorite new features…the fireplace! Love it!




The outdoor kitchen!




For the first time we have a sink out at the pool area!! You’d be amazed how often we use it!


Bottle opener on one of the pergola posts.


Ryan manning the BBQ!


And I got my new hooks!! Smile 


There are still some things we want to get done in the flowerbeds around the pool but for the most part it’s all done! To say that we love our new pool space is a huge understatement! We are in LOVE and have spent so much time out there this summer! Any chance we get, we are out enjoying the pool area! Any supper that can be barbequed, we head out and cook outside!

The pool place is our getaway. We settle inside the big white fence and close the door. It feels like a getaway to us. It’s a relaxing and fun place to hang out! We are so glad we waited, saved and did the pool renovation! Our “home”, not so away from home!

Hope you have a great weekend!



  1. I love it! Who needs a cottage to pack up and drive to when you have that pool area you can lounge in and walk back into the house for a nap lol!

  2. Looking forward to enjoying it again this weekend!! ;)

  3. WOW! It looks absolutely amazing!!! Such a great job! Although I don't get how you could get rid of your hot tub!!!

  4. very nice guys some day Katelyn and I are just going to stop in *S*

  5. Perfect! Looks like a fabulous party and swimming place.

  6. Love the fire place and those hooks are adorable!!!

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  8. Your outdoor space looks promising! Investing on a leisure place like this is much better than going out somewhere during weekends. How is it now? Hope to see a lot of parties going on here.

    -Patricia Kelley @ H2OSpas

  9. Investing your money in a wonderful outdoor area like this is totally commendable. You have a swimming pool and an outdoor kitchen at the same time. Do you intend to go to a faraway place just to have fun? You can relax, enjoy, and bond with your family right at your abode!
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  10. Your home getaway is shaping up nicely! This must look exceptional by now. And you have a pool with a slide! The kids must have been thrilled when they saw that. I’d love to check out how this place looks right now, with all those flowerbeds adorning it. Cheers to having your own place to get away at home!

    Stella Hammond @ Palm City Pools