Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nova Scotia– Part 1


Happy Wednesday everyone! Half way through the week! This lady has been hitting the hay every night SUPER early while trying to get back on schedule from holidays last week!

Last Wednesday, we were up early to start our “drive” to Toronto..Except instead…we boarded a plane to Halifax, Nova Scotia!


Our plane ended up having some mechanical difficulties and there was an almost 3 hour delay! But, it’s a short 1 hour flight to Halifax so we still made it to Nova Scotia with lots of time left in the day to enjoy it! We grabbed our rental car (with free upgrade to a Lincoln! Thank you!) and headed to Summerville Centre for our first nights stay in the Quarterdeck Villa's. I stayed at this resort when I was young and I have such fond memories. They offer great “cottage” like rooms. Each Villa is right on the ocean! You can choose to cook your own food in your kitchen or eat at their restaurant!



After an early morning we decided to take a quick walk on the beach and then enjoy supper at their restaurant! They make the BEST seafood chowder and I was so excited to get my first taste of fresh seafood!


After an early bedtime we were up early enjoying coffee on our porch the next morning before we had to pack up! It was so relaxing listening to the waves crash while sipping on coffee while still in pyjama's.


At the check out room, Ryan was looking around the gift store and found a Christmas ornament! We were excited to purchase our new ornament for our memory tree!


We hit the road for a big day driving around Nova Scotia taking in the sights while on our way to a small town near Digby. Our first stop was a cute little town called Shelbourne where we took in some local waterfront historic sights.



We found this restaurant right on the water where we got to enjoy lunch!


We hit the road again and made the occasional sight seeing stop. We stopped in Digby for a few groceries and then took a dirt road to Margaretsville. A small village nestled right on the Bay of Fundy. We had a little cottage rented there that I feel in love with! It was so cute!



After we settled in, we took a walk down to the wharf to a local artists gallery! We found a great piece to put on one of our bare walls at home. While I was there, a little old woman was staring me down and kind of following me around the store. I got a little uncomfortable and whispered to Ryan that I thought she was watching me because she thought I was going to steal something!

Right when I was paying for our new piece of art, she put her hand on my cheek and said that I reminded her of someone. Tears started welling in eyes. I felt so sorry for her. After telling the story to my parents later that week, it turns out I have relatives around there and I may have in fact reminded her someone or may have been related to her. Small world.



We settled back into our cottage for an easy supper, freezer pizza! There wasn’t any big plates to serve the pizza on but I did find this lobster platter to use!


After supper, we decided to take the short walk down to the light house! It was neat to read about who was the lighthouse attendant and some history of people there. 


I had the BEST sleep there that night! We could hear the water crashing all night long! It was heavenly!

The next morning we woke up early and started our 2 hour drive to Halifax where that night we would finally get to surprise my mom!

To be continued…



  1. Gorgeous! So glad you guys had fun! So weird about that lady though!

  2. I really think I'm meant to live on the ocean (or at least some kind of body of water!) - beautiful pics that make me long to go down East!!

  3. Adding that to my list of places to visit!!!

  4. I said a prayer for that poor lady, it sounds like you look like someone she has lost. Hugs. I miss Nova Scotia!!!!!