Monday, July 21, 2014

Celebrating Birthdays By The Pool!


Happy Monday everyone! I cannot believe that it is almost August! Where has the summer been going? Summer always passes by so quickly but this year it is literally flying by!

Friday Sam and I started the weekend off by heading for groceries and getting things ready for a busy weekend ahead! I love having my little sidekick with me while I run errands.


This particular trip it was very important that Sam was with me as we needed to get a passport picture done for him! Getting a passport picture of a 3 month old is not an easy task! He can’t smile, can’t see my hands, no open mouth and looking straight at the camera! After about 30 takes, we got one! Woo hoo!


Saturday morning Sam slept in nice and late which allowed Ryan and I to do some tidying up before he headed for a round of golf! Once Sam woke up he and I continued to putter around getting ready for the afternoons activities! Once everything was ready we had a little rock on the front porch (my favourite place!) and then he went down for a nap!


Before I knew it, it was 2 PM and people started arriving. You may remember from years passed that we would host a big pool party for all of our friends! This party was getting so large that last year we invited 80 people (kids included)! Of course our summer looks a lot different this year so we opted to put that party on hold for this year. For my close group of girlfriends, when someone celebrates a birthday we always do something special. We have 2 girls that have birthdays in July so I thought it would be fun to have a mini pool party to celebrate their birthdays instead of going out for supper or something!

There is so many kiddos now and it was a beautiful day so in no time everyone was in the pool!


We had a yummy BBQ super with a special spread of other treats but the best part was chatting with girlfriends as the afternoon flew by!


After supper everyone had a second wind so it was back in the pool! Even some of the more tentative swimmers got brave and jumped in!



It’s crazy how our group has changed over the years with a addition of little ones (2 more to come this year!) but it’s great that we still make an effort to get together to celebrate one another’s birthdays! It’s a great opportunity to step away from our busy lives and have some good old fashioned girl time!

Sunday morning we lazed around and got ready for church! Sam was in such a fun mood all day! Very alert, talkative and smiley! After church we decided to do our July date, despite the rainy weather! But more on that another time! 


How was your weekend?



  1. Glad you guys had such an awesome weekend! We tried to have a pool party but it was kind of gloomy! The kids loved it though! Haha I can't believe how big Sam is getting!!!

  2. His passport photo actually turned out good. I cannot imagine how difficult that must have been to get!
    Looks like the pool time was a hit :)

  3. Looks like a fun weekend! Where are you heading that you need a passport picture for Sam?