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Samuel–3 Months


Written on July 3, 2014

3 Months (1)


We haven’t had any new appointments this week but we weighed you at home and you were 15 lbs according to our scale!


There are actually still a few 0-3 month clothes that Sam can wear! Mostly, he is in 3-6 month clothes and they don’t appear to be getting too small yet. 3-6 month jammies on the other hand are looking a little smaller! It’s the length that seems to be the issue! He can wear one pair of 0-3 PJ’s because they are footless but look like capri’s on you!


Dressing my little man is still super fun! His summer outfits are so cute and I love putting him in them!

Sam is still in size 2 diapers and we haven’t had any problems with them this month! I was having some trouble with his cloth diapers this month but I figured out it was because he was getting too much for the newborn inserts! We moved up to the normal size inserts and haven’t had any leaks since.


We were doing SO well in the sleep department and then it went backwards at 12 weeks. I thought it was just because of the growth spurt but Sam hasn’t slept completely through the night since! He’ll wake up at least twice at night to eat. I guess all that growing is making my little dude more hungry!

I have discovered the love of naps! Right now, Sam usually sleeps for an hour in the morning but then the afternoons are golden! Sam’s afternoon naps are around 2-3 hours long! The amount of stuff that gets done during that time is amazing!


I am EXCITED to report that I made it to my next goal….Sam has only been breastfed for 3 months straight! I never imagined that we would make it here when I started breastfeeding! My next goal is a lofty one, but I would like to try to exclusively breastfeed Sam until he is 6 months old. At that point it is when we will start introducing food.

Breastfeeding has honestly become second nature now! There is a comfort now that has come with time. The hardest thing was when we would go out! I didn’t want to be stuck at home because of breastfeeding. I am still a modest person and I have an uncomfortable feeling if I have to nurse in a very public place. No one has ever told me not to use somewhere but it’s my own comfort. I don’t like to flaunt my girls because I am modest. I will feed Sam a lot in the backseat of my car and we are getting very good at that! If I do need to feed him in a very public place, I am always covered up.



I think Ryan is finally starting to admit that Sam will have my brown eyes versus his blue ones.

I love my little guys hair! It just keeps growing and growing! It is stick straight and still sticks straight up on top of his head! He still has the original dark patch at the back but the rest of his head is starting to catch up!


A lot of people this month have mentioned that they think Sam looks like my Dad. I am starting to look at him and see my side of the family more (big Hamilton heads is a dead giveaway). I think once his face starts to thin out he will begin looking like Ryan again because I still see Ryan in there.


Sam is still mostly a pretty content baby and we are SO thankful for that. He can literally go anywhere with us without any worry.

Sam loves the being nice and toasty warm!

He loves snuggles and being nice and close to the person holding him.

He is beginning to enjoy sitting up (with support) so that he can look around!


We are still loving the swing (him and I! Ha ha!).

Funny thing, when we did our baby registry I didn’t put an activity mat on there. My friends and cousins, Shannon and Stacy gifted me one. Sam used to not care so much about it but now it is our most favourite thing! Sam will play on his play mat multiple times a day! He is so fascinated by it and it gives me time to do a couple quick jobs (fold laundry, empty dishwasher and etc.). He loves grabbing onto the toys and his curiosity is making it look like he will be rolling over on the floor more.


Sam still loves his Nuk soothers and we have moved up to the next size! But he also likes sucking his thumb too!

Sam loves when I sing and play little games with him in my lap!

His most favourite thing this month is talking!! The boy is a chatter box!


Tummy time is number one on this list! I feel guilty about not giving him more tummy time but he honestly hates it so much! The moment we put him on his belly he starts screaming!

Sam has really found his voice this month and is very vocal when he is uncomfortable and needs to be moved! He has started to really cry hard when he is tried!


Sam hates getting his clothes changed! I think I am going to have a little naked boy running around in the future!


Sam met his cousin Lily for the first time on June 4!


On June 8, Sam attended (at our home) his first Sunday School picnic and had his very first secret pal!

sunday school picnic 2014 (65)

Sam left the country for the first time for quick trip across the boarder on June 9. We all drove across the boarder so that we could pick up a special keepsake for him! They are his own pair of custom Nike’s that match the ones his Dads for our wedding!

Aunt Elains 97 (3)

Helped Daddy celebrate his first fathers day on June 15. Sam also had his first swim that day!



On June 19 Sam found his toes for the first time.


Sam got to meet his cousin Emily on June 22 and his great Aunt Elaine and many other family members for the first time!

Aunt Elains 97 (50)

It was the first time on our new ferry for both Sam and I on June 25. So exciting and have been waiting a long time for this! Looking forward to many more rides!


On June 26 you shocked us and yourself when you rolled over in bed from back to belly!


We started the tradition of Sam joining us at the dinner table every week night (if he isn’t napping) by putting him in his high chair for the first time on June 27.


Sam “helped us” at the strawberry patch for the first time on June 30.


First Canada day on June 31 and July 1!

Canada Day 3



Alright, I feel like a Mom. While there is still doubt once and a while about if I am doing stuff right, I feel like a Mom. If someone asked me to explain who I am, I would probably say Mom first. It took me this long to pound into my head that that is me!

Sam is my little sidekick but not just because I am his food source. I honestly just like being with him! I don’t have this need to get away from baby!

My life honestly does revolve around him. My mind is constant going thinking about his schedule, his belongings and how I can make things I have to do work with him. Need to go shopping, When does Sam need to eat? 

I think the breastfeeding weight loss has come to a halt! No matter what I do or what I eat, I can’t lose that little bit extra. I had heard that your body can hold on to a little bit of weight because you need it to make the milk but I was hoping I’d be an exception! ha ha! I honestly barely looked at a scale this month because of this fact. Instead I am trying to focus on doing what makes me feel better like ab exercises.

At the end of my pregnancy, I started getting excited about the fact that during the summer I could start wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes again! That may be the fact for shorts and skirts but almost all of my shirts don’t fit because of breastfeeding! It’s a constant struggle to find something that looks right over my chest.

This month I have started to notice what kind of different parenting styles Ryan and I have and what roles we fit into. I seem to be the nurturer and he is the “fun” one.



Thankfully work has kind of settled down enough this month that Ryan has been able to be around for a lot of milestones! Specifically, it was fun watching my boys enjoy their first father’s day together! I could tell Ryan was spending extra time holding Sam that day as I think he was trying to soak up the newness of being a Daddy.

Unfortunately, Sam goes through his fussy time right at 6 PM and Ryan usually only gets to see him like this during the week day. During the weekend he can actually see his normal personality during the day!

Ryan has mentioned how much he loves it this month that Sam seems to smile AT him and starts to turn his head in his direction when he is talking. Sam is the first thing that he goes to when he gets home from work. They have their own little games that they do together.  


I find that Sam is growing more slowly as of lately. The weight gains seem to be a little less extreme. He is still growing but there are less huge jumps!

I can see how Sam is such a boy! It’s neat to watch his personality and preferences develop. You wouldn’t think someone so small could have a large personality but I see a little bit of it.


My snuggling little baby prefers now to move more and play but my snuggle bug is still in there!

Not going to lie, I feel a moment of pride when an upset Sam easily settles in my arms. I feel like he knows I’m his Momma and he needs me.


Sometimes when I look at Sam I still see that very tiny baby but when I see comparative pictures it hits me just how much my baby has grown already!


11 Weeks versus 2 weeks…Someone’s a little more tolerant to their bath…barely!


Dearest Sam,

3 months have passed us by already and I feel as though we are turning the corner to living a normal life. It takes a while to get into a routine and fully understand life with a baby but we are here. Things are going more smoothly now and are less intimidating.

You my little man are starting to let your personality shine through! I live my days trying to make you chuckle and smile. I just love hanging out with you chatting, singing and playing. When asked, I always get to proudly tell of how great of a baby you are. Your daddy and I feel so lucky to have to be such an easy going little guy! Daddy and I are lucky to get to take you everywhere! We know you like to stick to a schedule and if we are on schedule, everything is great!

Lately, everyday you discover something or you do something new! It is amazing to watch you get stronger and stronger everyday. I am trying so hard to embrace the moment and enjoy you in the now. However, it is so hard for me not to imagine and look forward to the fun we are going to have in the months to come!

Thank you for being my boy!

I love you!



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  1. Love the last picture - he looks so puzzled!
    Neither of my kids liked tummy time and we hardly did it and they turned out fine haha! I don't really know who he looks like - I see Clark in him though and looking at this last picture, I feel that I remember Jared having the exact same hair

  2. 3 months... nooooo way!!! He's a cutie patootie, love having chats with him and his big smiles. :)

  3. Jeanette has the same dark patch of hair on the back of her head. Good for you for breastfeeding for 3 months. I was never comfortable enough to just do that in public without being covered up. I'm hopeful that if/when we have another I will be able to nurse longer.