Friday, July 4, 2014

Canada Day 2014


Happy Friday everyone! It’s been a weird week. I’ve decided I don’t like it when a Stat holiday in during the week. I have just been so messed up everyday since! I cannot get the days of the week straight! I am especially looking forward to the weekend just so I can get everything sorted out! Ha ha!

Canada Day is one of my favourite holidays. It probably wouldn’t be if it weren’t for the community that I am blessed to live in! Many years ago because of lack of support and funding for a special celebration for Canada’s birthday, a group of local volunteers formed a committee and began fundraising money for the special day. The committee it self is still going strong and this Canada Day was one for the memory books!

Of course, any holiday is super special now that Sam is here! We celebrate Canada’s birthday the day before so on Monday Sam and I started our day in some red and white!

Canada day 1

We did some running around for the big night and then got ready to head into the village to start the festivities!

Canada day 2

Canada Day 3

When we arrived at the hall it was time to get things set up and for the BBQ!

Canada Day (1)

Canada Day (3)

It was HOT on Monday but thankfully there was a nice breeze during the BBQ! Time passed by in a blink and before I knew it, it was time to head down to the elementary school to get set up for the parade. Being that Ryan and I are part of the Canada Day Committee, we always help to carry the flag during the parade. Sam’s stroller is super easy to push and so we decorated it a little so that he could join us.

Canada Day (6)

There was an electric feeling of excitement as everyone gathered in their red and white to participate in the parade!

Canada Day (11)

Canada Day (21)

Canada Day (26)

There were so many participants this year for the parade! It was exciting to watch them all take off! Finally, it was time for the flag that is always at the end of the parade line.

Canada Day (25)

We got Sam some earmuffs for the fireworks and we decided to put them on him during the parade too! I guess it must have been nice and quiet because he slept through the whole thing!

Picture from Sam's Grandpa!

It was a sweaty walk but fun as we waved to all the people watching. The best part is watching the excitement from the kids in the community. The town gathered at the base of the flagpole and sang “O Canada” as we raised the giant flag!

Immediately after the flag raising ceremony there was a magic show in the park for the kids. While we didn’t watch it, you could hear the hoar of laughter coming from the playground!

The weather still hadn’t cooled down much and it was time for Sam to eat. We were having some difficulties feeding Sam and I thought it may have been because he was too warm. It had been almost 4 hours since his last snack and was worried about how hungry he must have been. I felt horrible for having to leave the party but I had to be a Mommy in that moment and decide to throw in the towel. Sam and I packed up and headed home where he ate and fell instantly asleep and stayed asleep!

“Too much Canada Day fun!”

Canada day 4

I was able to pack him back up in the car and we drove to the village again to at least watch some of the fireworks from the road! And WHAT A SHOW they were! If it wasn’t for our community rallying together to participate and support the committee, none of it would happen! Our little town is known for having such an amazing Canada Day celebration and this year was no different! I am so proud be apart of this great Canadian town and look forward to participating with my family in years to come!



  1. Sounds like a fun Canada Day! His face in the first picture just kills me. So cute!

  2. Looked like a terrific time. That Committee rules! Well done.