Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Few Things I Am Loving This October

Happy Monday! I hope that you are all enjoying your week! 

Life has been a little overwhelming lately. I am especially in awe of the fact that 6 months has gone by since Sam turned 1 in April. It feels as though that time has passed by at warp speed. 

You can feel the end of the season approaching at work. When the cold weather strikes (like Monday) every one hits the panic button and work has to get done THIS SECOND in fear that snow is about to fly! 

I am treading through the chaos with warm Fall thoughts. Because even in this busy time, I can't help but reflect on some of the good that happens this time of year. 

From the latest work event:

For one, I started piano lessons again! I was born into a musical family and have always loved to sing. I knew how to read music and could play a little on piano just through the theory I had learnt. Last Fall, I decided to take an Adult piano class on a whim. I am SO glad I did! I whipped through book 1 and I am now on lesson book 2 learning much harder pieces. It is my "mommy night out" every week! 

My boy still loves to "help" me play! Beautiful duet! 

So I am a complete girl when it comes to movies! I hate action movies and I especially hate scary movies! I just am a huge chicken and I get scared really easily! But I suck it up for one night and have a "Scary Movie Marathon" with my bestie Jill in order to get in the spirit of Halloween. I have to admit, after watching a series of freaky movies, I need to sleep with a light on for about 1 week but it is totally worth it! I am actually still scared from one particular movie marathon that included The Shinning. I can still hear the "Here's Johnny"! AHHHH! 

The part that I am looking forward to? The pizza party supper and snacks! The rest of the time I hide behind the blankets at scary parts! #truth 

But it does get me in the spirit for Halloween and this year I am SO looking forward to Halloween. I LOVE that it is on a Saturday this year. For now, Ryan and I chose Sam's costume for him and because we are big kids ourselves, we are dressing up again! It was a little harder to come up with a family costume again this year but we did and they are ready to go for next week! 

The plan is to let Sam have his normal nap. Have a quick supper when he wakes up and then hit the road. Sam is too young to "trick-or-treat" so for now it's just a little tour to visit a few family members and friends. Being that it's on a Saturday, and we will be getting an early start, we are hoping to be back early enough to put Sam to bed, have a fun supper (consisting of wings, cheese sticks and other) and watch a scary Netflix movie (or maybe a Disney movie depending on how scared I am after Scary Movie Marathon). 

Other things I am looking forward to: 
Paint night 
Pumpkin carving 
Making Halloween treat bags 

Love this month! 

How is your October been? 



  1. Sam is too old for trick or treating? You must mean young...haha! Love that Halloween is on a Saturday but with kids that actually know of the day, it could be a long day! Are there rules to Halloween on a weekend? Like, will kids come knocking at my door all day? haha

  2. Love the adult piano lesson idea! I also love that Halloween is on a Saturday this year! Gives us tons of time to drive around and show Parker off in his costume and visit with people too!

  3. I gave Reg a keyboard and piano lessons one year for his birthday. He is still going, and loves it.