Friday, October 2, 2015

Girls Trip To Nova Scotia - Part 2

Happy Friday! While I have been getting my mind back on regular schedule, I have been all messed up! I woke up yesterday morning convinced it was Wednesday. I might have let out a big "Woo hoo" when I realized it was actually Thursday! 

I wanted to continue on with my recap of the rest of our Nova Scotia trip! It was great experiencing the east coast with someone who had never been there! There were things Jill would see that I had never noticed before! 

On Friday we headed to Lunenburg to see the Blue Nose! The last time I was there, we weren't able to walk on deck. It was nice to experience it by walking around and seeing all the details. 

At the Fisherman's Museum, there is the Fish Factory restaurant. On their menu is the fish taco's which were AMAZING! 

We spent the rest of the day wandering through the museum and looking at all the beautiful houses and shops in Lunenburg. 

On Saturday, we had our typical relaxing morning and then loaded up and headed to downtown Halifax. There were two HUGE cruise ships docked in Halifax that day. I had never seen such large boats! We wandered through the shops and had lunch at Henry's House. It's a historical building that serves THE BEST fish and chips! This was by far my most favorite meal of the trip!

We wandered through the farmer's market, grabbed beavertails and looked at all the fun things at the harbor walk. 

We decided to head over to the Alexander Keith's Brewery and did the tour! It was great and this time I actually got to have beer and not lemonade! 

We were pretty tired from a full day in Halifax and had a quiet night back at the cottage that included some Caesars! Yum! 

Sunday our last full day! I was going to miss the coffee, reading and quiet ocean front moments! 

We kept our travels a little close this day and went to Mahone Bay for some lunch and touring. It's a beautiful little village right along the water. 

On the way home we also stopped in at Sam's favorite spot, Queensland Beach! This beautiful long sandy beach was nice and quiet (Yay for not being tourist season!) and we got to walk along the water barefoot. 

We went and visited some relatives before heading back to the cottage to have supper. We watched Netflix, sipped wine and enjoyed a quiet evening! 

I have to say the next morning I DID NOT want to clean up the cottage and pack. But we were heading for the airport which meant I was going to see my little guy (and big guy too) soon! Thank goodness for texting because I got lots of sweet pictures and video's from Ryan and Fabiana (Sam's daycare).

It's hard to believe that this time last week I was in a totally different province taking in the sights and sounds of the East coast! I am so glad that I got to get away with one of my best friends, for a few days of fun in Nova Scotia! Can't wait to plan the next girls trip! 



  1. So jealous!! Glad the trip was fun - maybe one day we'll make it to the East Coast!

  2. don't forget me next time haha!

  3. What a fun trip. I need to plan a girls trip with my bestie soon!

  4. Looks like you ladies had a lot of fun! And so awesome that you were able to get away for some you deserve it!

  5. So glad you enjoyed my favourite Friday night pub,,,The Henry House!!! I know only 1 other place that rivals their fish & chips, in Sambro. I miss my summers in Halifax.

  6. Hi! I found your blog a couple years ago, I grew up in Shawville. I've lived in Halifax since 2011 and love it when you post about coming here!
    Henry House is good, but I love Evan's Seafood - Dartmouth in Alderney Gate, a quick ferry ride across the harbor from the Halifax side. Closed Monday's!

    1. Hi Caro!
      Thanks for commenting! I'll have to try that sometime! I have yet to go to Dartmouth but I'll go anywhere where I can get some delicious seafood! Ha ha!