Monday, October 19, 2015

Cold October Weekend - First Snow Fall, Yuck!

Happy Monday everyone! Apparently this is one of the coldest October 19th's in Canadian weather history, blah! While I am actually slightly looking forward to winter, there is one thing that is already getting on my nerves, dressing Sam up for the cold weather! 

Every time we go outside it is now a battle to put the coat, hat and boots on him! When he get's it in his head that he wants to go outside to play, he wants to go NOW! No waiting to get dressed up to head out the door. I already miss the warm summer days where Sam can just go outside in a t-shirt and barefoot. 

Regardless of the cold weather this weekend, we had a lot of fun! It started out with a quiet movie night on Friday! Unpacking groceries, pizza for supper, a drive to pick up a piece of farm equipment with my boys and then a movie on Netflix after Sam went to bed. 

Saturday morning I was up early so that I could get things ready for the day ahead! I made a pot of soup so Sam and the babysitter could enjoy for supper that night and then chocolate chip cookies for a snack on car rally! 

Oh and it started to snow as we were getting ready! I cringed but my husband cheered and ran outside with Sam in his bare feet! Weirdo! ha ha! 

This was year 2 with our team of ourselves and friends Josh and Amanda! We were looking forward to a fun and challenging day ahead! The babysitter arrived, we kissed Sam goodbye and we were on our way! It was a very challenging year and we had to quit "trying" so hard because the last thing you want to do is get first place! That means that you have to plan the car rally for the next year! We had lots of laughs that day and a feast of snack foods! 

Thankfully, we didn't win! 5th place, which is perfect! Not too low and high enough that we are proud of how good we did. Can't wait for next year! 

On Sunday we were up early and off to church and then my parents stopped in for leftover soup for lunch and a little visit. 

We attempted to put Sam down for an early nap being that we had somewhere to be early afternoon. Sam had other plans and proceeded to lay in his crib talking and singing for 60 minutes! Eventually, we just got him and headed off to celebrate Sophie's 2nd birthday! 

It was lots of fun at the birthday party! There were lots of kids around Sam's age but being that he was tired about 1.5 hours into the party he was started to get grumpy! Thankfully, my MIL was there and took him outside for a little one-on-one play time! It was a nice break, thank you Bev! Right when we were about to leave we asked Sam and Sophie to give eachother a hug and they actually did! Sam wrapped his arms around her and everything! I have never seen him hug another kid before! 

We picked up a pizza on the way home because I was too tired to cook anything! But it was a nice treat! We finished off the weekend with play time and relaxing! 

How was your weekend? 


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  1. Ugh I can't believe it snowed! It did here too!! I still need to get Noah boots, I'm sad to break out the winter gear... I can't decide which winter coat to keep 24 months or 2T... But yes it's already a fight to keep his hat on, get his coat on and mitts are hit and miss!! Oh and socks... Forget it, they off within 5 minutes of putting them on!! I've been using his fall coat with a big sweatshirt under for now haha. Sounds like a fun weekend though despite the weather!