Monday, October 5, 2015

Busy Fall Weekend!

Happy Monday everyone! Wow! That was a busy weekend! On Friday I was a little anxious about this weekend. There was just SO much going on that I was worried we were going to burn out. Now, I realize how much fun it was and I'm a little sad that it is over. 

Friday started out with book club! I have missed a couple of meetings this summer! So glad to be able to be there. Jill was an amazing hostess and it was our biggest one yet with 9 people! We had awesome discussion about the book we all read, Gone Girl. 

Saturday morning Ryan was off to a golf tournament and I hung out with Sam! On Saturday he turned 18 months old. I can't believe that he is already 1.5 years old! He was a pretty silly boy on Saturday morning and being a daredevil! He loves to climb on everything! 

Before lunch Sam and I headed to an antique sale. There are a couple of things that I am looking for for Christmas crafts! I was able to find what I need! 

We had a quick lunch and then Sam went down for his afternoon nap. While he slept I got to work on getting the last of my veggies from the garden ready. I was amazed by the amount of carrots I got this year! It took a long time to peel, chop, blanch and freeze my carrots! 

When Sam woke up we headed to a 60th birthday party for Ryan's dad! Ryan met us there and we enjoyed a delicious meal and visit with the family. 

Sam was getting pretty grumpy so we left around 6:30 to head to our Canada Day Committee party! We actually got to put Sam to bed at the hosts house and Ryan and I were able to relax and enjoy while Sam slept peacefully inside! 

It's pretty cold so I stayed close to the fire! 

We also had a little fireworks show and they were right outside the window where Sam slept. He didn't even flinch! 

We also played yard Yahtzee which was AWESOME! We just had so much fun and it was a great way to celebrate such a successful Canada day this year. 

We actually woke Sam up around 11 and transferred him home and thankfully he went straight back to sleep! 

Sunday morning Ryan had to go to work so Sam and I played and got ready for church! Sam is right into building blocks right now and I love watching him working away at it. So focused!

It was a great church service and over and over I keep thinking of the saying "it takes a village". We are really lucky to belong to a close knit church family. And there are always many eyes and hands to help when needed. I am reminded of this all the time. Stacy handing me very gently used pair of shoes for Sam that Tanner had grown out of, my parents grabbing Sam if needed, Reg (ministers husband) offering to hold him so I could take communion, many eyes watching him at the end of the service while he crawls in between pews and Jilly taking him outside while I grabbed our things! This is just a few examples! Over and over again I am reminded of how blessed we are! 

Sam and I joined my parents for an awesome breakfast and then we headed home so Sam could nap. While he napped I made some homemade spaghetti sauce with the last of my tomatoes from our garden! It made the house smell so yummy all evening long and I couldn't wait to dive in at supper! 

It was such a busy but cozy weekend as well. I got to spend the whole weekend with Sam which is always good in my books! 



  1. Lindsay, your lovely comments about church made me teary eyed. Can I post them on Facebook, please, and thanks?

  2. You had a busy weekend! You got a lot of carrots from the garden..what else did you grow this year?