Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Thanksgiving Weekend 2015

Happy Wednesday everyone! And a happy belated Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Canadians! It was a beautiful LONG weekend in my little neck of the woods! 

I was SO looking forward to the weekend ahead. I had a feeling that it was going to be an AWESOME weekend. And it was, but it didn't start out like that! 

I picked Sam up from daycare on Friday afternoon and was greeted with all of Sam's Thanksgiving crafts! I love all these special pieces and these ones specifically were great as Thanksgiving decorations! 

 Big plans for Friday night, a birthday supper for me and Sharon with the girls! As I was getting dressed for my girls night out, I heard Sam crying and Ryan saying, "It's ok, it's ok, you're ok". 

I quickly ran down the stairs half dressed to see Ryan's light grey sweater covered it blood. Sam was heavily bleeding from his mouth. I know instantly that I wouldn't be going anywhere. I called Jill and filled her in quickly on what was happening. I changed into comfy clothes, packed some stuff for Sam and we hit the road on the way to the hospital. 

We were taken into triage right away and then proceeded to wait 6 hours to see a doctor. I am normally someone who constantly praises our local hospital but we had an awful experience this time. There were multiple people being taken in before us. One gentleman I overheard saying he was there to get a wart removed (at 10 PM) and got in to see a doctor before us. At the 3 hour mark, I politely told the nurse that I would stay all night if someone told me he needed stitches. But waiting with a 1.5 year old only to be told he's OK, is a waste of everyone's time. She was wonderful and said in her opinion, we should wait. So, we did. FINALLY at 11:30, we got called in. The doctor took a 4 second look at Sam and said she couldn't stitch it. We left immediately, all of us exhausted from trying to keep Sam happy for 6+ hours in a hospital ER waiting area. Let me get something straight, I think the staff (nurses, looking at you!!) were wonderful. I just think there is something broken with the system! A 4 second look at Sam's lip in triage by a doctor would have told us if we needed to sit and wait for stitches or not. As I mentioned, we would have waited all night if a doctor had told us stitches were in fact needed but it wasn't our turn.  (End of rant, ha ha!) 

Thank goodness I had his umbrella stroller in my car! We must have walked for 3 hours straight within the hospital! 

Saturday morning I wanted to sleep in but we had an important work document due and I needed to get some stuff done for it. So at 5 AM, I walked across the road to do a little work. I got everything done and headed home just as Ryan was walking out the door for his day of work. Sam and I enjoyed breakfast at home and then hit the road to run some errands! 

One of those errands was grabbing the "Thanksgiving" meal for that evening. Knowing that it would just be my little family and my brothers (4 kids, aged 6 and under), we decided that pizza was the best bet! We didn't want to spend all that time cooking for little ones who wouldn't appreciate it. But pizza night ended up being WONDERFUL and maybe a new tradition. It was so relaxing and no one had to worry about dishes, leftovers and trying to force kids to eat veggies! 

Sunday morning it was one of my most favorite services at church! I love all the decorations that are done on each window for Thanksgiving. It just makes it feel so festive! 

Sam decided he was a big boy this service. He is really starting to know the traditions at church. This past Sunday he put money in the celebration jar, "passed the peace" and went up for story time all by himself (and stayed there). I was pretty close to a mommy melt down looking at him sitting there like a big boy. It was a mixed emotion of pride and sadness. 

I taught Sunday School that morning and was glad when my little thanksgiving cookie game went off wonderfully! You never know how kids are going to take onto things. 

Sunday afternoon we headed to Ryan's parents for Thanksgiving. This time no pizza, turkey with all the fixings! Yum! And birthday cake for my birthday! After dinner Melissa and I took the kids outside to burn off some energy and we had such a blast! The jumped on the trampoline for the longest time, walked, playing on the slide. Sam slept SO well that night. 

Sunday night we watched Netflix, my choice of movie for my birthday! :) 

Monday, my 28th birthday! Ryan stayed up late to make my tin foil numbers and get things ready. The big birthday plan for the day, nothing! It is nice having the day off of work on your birthday. Ryan did his best at making the day special for me. Making the meals and changing all the diapers for the day! ha ha! I even got to take an afternoon nap! It was glorious! 

How was your weekend? 



  1. Glad you had such a good weekend, despite the crappy start! (and also very glad Sam was OK!) I have to say, Sam going up for children's time by himself (and watching your reaction) was one of my favourite church moments ever!

  2. Yes the hospital can sometimes be such a long wait, too bad they couldn't have told you earlier though that he wouldn't need stitches. Sam was so cute sitting up on the pew with the kids, growing up way to fast. xo

  3. Poor Sam! Glad he was okay though and didn't end up needing any stitches. Such a pain to wait that long and then they do nothing. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!