Monday, July 18, 2016

Another Successful Summer Weekend!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. I think we are still recovering but my goodness it was a good weekend! 

Friday we got a glorious rain! It broke the heat wave! Such a beautiful sight! 

Friday night Ryan and I booked a babysitter and decided to head out for a very belated anniversary supper to our favorite place, The Keg! Part of us wanted to stay home and get things ready for our busy Saturday but we are so glad we went out and enjoyed an uninterrupted meal and chat. 

Since we got home fairly early from our date, I wanted to get a couple things crossed off the to-do list. Ryan told me just to come to bed and he'd get up with my early and we'd get it all done together. I was skeptical but he set his alarm so I was hopeful. 

At 5:00 AM we both got up. And by 5:30 I was sipping coffee while getting some food prep done.  

And Ryan had settled down in the living room for a nap. Ugh! 

After about an hour and a half snooze, he woke up just in time to put the last of the bacon in the oven...Thanks for the help dear...ha ha! 

I got everything done and Sam just woke up around 7 AM. He has been fighting off a cold but was in good spirits and was such a good boy all morning. Listening really well and playing and helping! Almost every day he sets out all of my mixing bowls and helps me to cook. I have this big island to work on and I only get one little corner and Sam hogs the rest! ha ha! 

I was excited to use two ingredients from my garden on Saturday for our meal. I used fresh spinach for spinach dip and picked some lettuce from the garden for the chicken burgers! Everything is doing so well in the garden this year! 

Sam went down around 1 for his nap and as he was falling asleep, people began to show up! I always like to have my group of girlfriends over with their family to enjoy the pool for the afternoon. The kids are getting old enough to play and swim on their own which means us girls get to have a great visit. 

We enjoyed lots of swimming, eating, a few drinks and then warmed up by the fire as the sun went down. It was the perfect Saturday by the pool with the best of friends. 

Sam and I were both feeling a bit under the weather on Saturday and Sunday and after a busy Satuday, kept it low key on Sunday. We went to visit a new baby cousin which Sam was obsessed with. He wanted to share all of this toys and books with her. 

We enjoyed leftovers at home, naps in the afternoon and then I set up barber shop and gave both boys their second at home haircuts. Ryan went first in hopes that Sam would see and not be so such luck. Thankfully, I am getting much quicker and we are at home and not wrestling him at some hair place in the city and paying $25! 

The biggest shock is that Ryan is now letting me cut his hair too. He went on and on about me not being allowed to cut his hair. But it is hard to get to a barber shop especially during the busy months. Ryan likes his thick hair to be cut every 3 weeks and he now likes that it's available at any time at home. 

All day Sunday Sam was asking for when his "fwiends" would be coming. Poor boy wanted the party to happen all over again. We ate supper outside by the pool and Sam pulled up chairs on either side of him and called them his friends and kept chatting with them during his meal. 

After supper Sam insisted we take him in his stroller for the first time in a long time! It was weird to see my big boy in his stroller! 

It was such a fun weekend and I am kind of sad it is over! But it was another great summer weekend! 

How was your weekend? 


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  1. I'm SO glad that you guys got out for a nice dinner just the two of you! That's so important. And you are far nicer than me. If Alex was sleeping in that chair, I would have definitely woke him up! Haha