Monday, July 4, 2016

Canada Day Weekend 2016

Happy Monday everyone! What a fantastic weekend around these parts! Friday was Canada Day and we had so much fun celebrating in many ways! 

The events started out on Thursday in our hometown with the community Canada Day festivities which began with a BBQ! 

Then to gather to get ready for the Canada Day parade. 

Olaf was in our parade this year and Sam walked straight up to him to give him a hug! He was so excited. I didn't even know he would know who he was! 

The parade was great and it was awesome that SO many kids showed up to ride in the parade with their decorated bikes! We all headed down for the flag raising ceremony. Love this group shot of the Canada Day Committee in our new shirts that we are hoping to sell next year! 

There was entertainment in the park for the kiddos while the sun went down! By 10 it was fireworks time! My favorite moment! You work at the fundraising events so that these beautiful fireworks were possible. I love to hear the cheering and clapping at the end. And to see all the people that have come out to watch them! Wow! Such a special moment. 

The party continued with all night dancing! Ryan and I weren't home and in bed until 4 AM! Ugh! The next morning was rough. 

But that morning we went and got Sam, cleaned up the hall and hung out. When Sam napped, we napped which was needed in order for us to function. 3 hours of sleep is just not enough! 

Saturday morning Ryan had to work so Sam and I hung out around come getting some chores done. 

Back in the Spring Ryan and I offered up our pool area in the Canada Day committee online auction. It included supper and drinks and on Saturday, we hosted the winning bidders! It turned out that we are friends with the bidders so it turned out to be a really fun evening chatting, laughing and relaxing! 

Bonnie wanted to have her own alter ego name so we came up with Clyde. 

I love to play hostess. I love to plan and execute the menu. We had Pioneer Woman's ranch style chicken, roasted sweet potatoes with rosemary, pasta salad, garden salad, homemade bread and homemade ice cream cookies for dessert! Yum! 

We had a fairly warm afternoon but as the sun went down so did the temperature! We got a fire going and we all gathered around for more drinks and chatting. I couldn't believe how fast the time flew by! 

We were very thankful for my brother and sister-in-law who took Sam for the night! We walked across the road to get him the next morning and ended up staying for over an hour to visit. 

That afternoon Ryan headed to the golf course, Sam went for a nap and I relaxed by the pool with the newest Emily Giffin Book! 

When I woke Sam up, we headed out to start the irrigation (COME ON RAIN!). He is so good and listens when we are out doing farm stuff. He just loves to sit and look around. 

Since it was just us, I decided we should head out and get chipstand for supper. I figured we could split a chicken finger platter. I guess he was hungry because he hogged all the food! I had a few fries but he kept getting mad at me when I would take any. 

This was all that was left from his huge platter! 

We then headed across the road for ice cream and ended up getting to sit with Mady, Tanner and Stacy!

What a super busy weekend and one that didn't have a lot of sleep (which I am struggling with today) but it was all worth it! 

How was your weekend? 



  1. It was such a wonderful weekend! Thank you so much!!!!

  2. was glad to meet up with ya's for ice cream - loved watching Sam gobble up his ice cream - his appetite is big these days!

  3. Seriously, though... can we go back and do it all over again?!? ;)