Monday, July 11, 2016

Weekend Of Birthdays!

Happy Monday everyone! What is it about summer that means there is SO much going on? Specifically on the weekends when you try to squeeze in as much fun as possible! 

The weekend started out with an awesome paint night! My favorite one so far! It was by far my most favorite painting and it was the perfect time. We started at 5:30 pm, stopped for a potluck supper and then everything was done and I was home by 10:30ish. It was a lot of fun visiting with a great group of friends while we got artistic. A great way to start the weekend! 

The clouds had already rolled in when I got up on Saturday morning. I enjoyed a quiet morning coffee and paper while I waiting for the boys to get up. When they finally stirred we had breakfast and got ready for a birthday party across the road. 

My nephew was turning 3 on Saturday and we were all looking forward to celebrating with him! It was a nice, relaxed party and we were home for Sam's nap time. 

Both boys went down for a 3 hour nap. When they slept I watched a little Game of Thrones and snoozed as well. A perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon. I did end up heading out to the birthday party for family friend, Eddie before the boys woke up.

I went back home, picked up the boys and after snack we headed out to birthday party number 3 of the day! My uncle and his twin brother turned 60 this year. We enjoyed visits and a yummy BBQ supper. 

That evening after Sam went down to bed, Ryan and I had a little movie night! It feels like it's been a long time since we've been able to settle down for a movie night. 

Sunday morning we decided to head to Tim's for breakfast and enjoy a little Sunday morning drive since it was pretty cool out. 

After Sam's donut breakfast, he was being pretty silly. 

 We had a great morning playing around home. Sam is really obsessed with his bike right now. He is on it everyday! Yesterday  he put this Canadian flag in himself and started singing O Canada as he biked around the garage. Silly dude! 

After a big breakfast at my parents, Sam went down for a nap and Ryan and I got the pool ready for some guests. We have gotten to know and become friends with Nana (and her family) who runs Sam's daycare. We have been wanting to have them over for a swim and Sunday was the perfect chance. 

The two boys headed off for a bike ride and the girls hung out (and eventually Sam when he woke up). We had a swim, BBQ supper and then headed out on the RTVs for a little farm tour. 

We stopped at the bentgrass nursery to quickly show this pretty neat field. To me, its just grass. The thing that makes the farm money. The thing that I have get up early on the weekends to water. But to them? It was something so beautiful. At one point I overheard Nana say, "how can you see something like this and not believe in God?" 

I really made me stop, enjoy the sights of the kids playing and the sounds of their giggles. Too often I see something as "work" and not stop and realize how lucky I am to be able to call this place home. 

We made a fire and had S'mores for dessert and then after our guests left, headed for bed completely satisfied and feeling blessed with a weekend well spent! 

How was your weekend? 


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